Handmade Mini box of cardboard tube

 Required Materials:
– cardboard tube of foil or paper towels
– cardboard
– scissors, pencil
– glue or double sided tape
– Printed Papers

Beautiful Spring Basket

Required Material:

  • spools of wide adhesive tape
  • double sided tape (thin)
  • artificial grass
  • cardboard
  • green paper
  • scissors
  • thin strip of soft plastic (for pen)
  • manicure tool or a pen
  • pencil
  • strips of palm leaves for decoration
  • Melt

DIY Easy Gift Packing Bag – Craft Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to make a paper gift packing bag from colored cardboard. Beautiful for packing oddly shaped items! The use of colored cardboard for scrap booking, rulers, scissors and glue can create containers for Easter gifts. Template and photo masterclass see below.

Required Material:

  • Colored cardboard for scrap booking
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Glue