How to make frame of salt dough

Life – a variety of colors with a variety of shades. Sometimes some things we are trying to forget, and more to him not to return, and some long and anxiously keep in our memory, returning to them again and again. Meanwhile, individual events deserve not only to live in our minds or in the pages of the album but also to ensure that proudly show off in a pleasant and fun framed, which will give your past even more joyful and positive emotions.

To learn how to make a frame from salt dough with your hands with steps, you now know.

Required Materials:

1.Muka wheat;
3.Marco sunflower;
4. film;
5.from under the banks (or any other small capacity);
7.(thin and wide);
8. paint (red, orange, yellow a

Now we start making a frame with his hands:

1. Take the salt and flour. Mix them in equal proportions (1/4 cup). Add a little water to form a plastic mass.
2. Further, the obtained sausage dough do four, two of which must be slightly shorter than the second pair. 3. Push the sausage fingers, thus making them thinner. Thereafter applying them perpendicular to each other. 4. Take a toothpick and cut through the wavy pattern along the sides of the frame.

5. We reserve the photo frame in the window until the next day (so it dries and becomes hard). 6. Now wrapped with cling film surface on which we paint the picture frame. 7. squeezed from tubes of red, yellow, orange and white paint. 8. We take a broad brush and paint the frame in red color (occasionally damp brush in sunflower oil). 9. We look to have been painted over all the edges. 9. We look to have been painted over all the edges.
11. Wait until the frame is dry (for several days). To expedite the process, you can bring a table lamp.
12. Further, the thin brush set white spots along the wavy pattern. 13. After that, take the yellow paint and paint the petals of flowers. All the work is done. We are waiting for a couple of days, then you can paste a picture framed.

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