Beautiful coasters out of plastic bottles

Required Material:
– 1.5 liter plastic bottle
– Iron tray
– wipes
– glue
– brush
– pencil

1. Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle

2. Place the iron tray on a gas stove and heat it. When it warms up, put on his cut bottom of a plastic bottle. In order to ensure smooth and rounded edges, rotate the tray in opposite directions.

3. The bottom of the bottle to attach a napkin and draw, you will need to retreat from the edge of 0.5 cm.

4. Cut out the napkin and separate its upper layer.

5. Now you need to grease the bottom of the glue.

6. Insert the napkin into the bottom and gently distribute it.

7. Above the napkin, apply with a brush glue and lacquer – for decoupage.

8. Allow the product to dry and harden.

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