How to make beautiful bench for toys

work needs:
-fanera 6mm
-palochki for eating sushi
-Bamboo napkin
-kley “Moment”
-shkurka abrasive
-balonchik paint

I took a 6 mm plywood and painted just such a preform sidewall bench and cut her jigsaw, then mark a point for insertion of stiffeners and drill  – 4 holes.

Here’s what happened – but I know that you will bear with me and little Kosyachkov not notice …
Now is the time to remove all burrs and barbs – for that I took, abrasive sandpaper and grind workpiece edge.

The holes that I drilled – put rods of land, slightly eroded tips, pre-lubricated and sticks and holes glue “Moment”, who says it was necessary to take the PVA, but I got used to working with this adhesive.

It has turned out here is the base – is the glue is not frozen – it is necessary to equalize.

On the edge of the sidewall nano she again glue “Moment” and wait for 5-7 minutes.

And then I put a bamboo napkin and strongly pressed.

We need only look to the napkin is flat.
 And now we have to paint it – took the paint, I like balonchike, easy to apply, dries quickly, and color stable.
 That’s the end result – a bench for -zo lotis Togo color toys.
 And of course my new inhabitant Mishkin house

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