Creating daisies with plastic bottles Tutorial

Daisies from a flask 1

That’s all we need! Cropped bottle bedplate and form a flower) using a glue gun glue midway our Daisies! do stem from tubules for cocktails and the terminal in the hollow, our daisies cutting the tube in half cut out leaves and glue to the stem! Now do the vase cut the bottom and cut here such strip bending back! cut off one corner of each strip pletёm our stripes like that! cut the top and insert the bedplate cut out the legs of our vases! inserted into a vase of daisies and you’re done!

DIY: Hamdmade vase of plastic bottles for fruit

Vase of plastic bottles for fruit 1

Hello! Today we will do a vase for fruit from the plastic bottles.

For the manufacture of vases with their own hands, you will need:
1. Plastic bottles;
2. PVA glue;
3. Newspapers;
4. Napkins conventional and sandwich;
5. Hot glue;
6. The stones or something heavy;
7. Acrylic paint and varnish.

8. Cardboard

Step 1.

Take the 2-liter bottle and cut off them. First, step back a little from the neck is

will foot. Second, a little below the middle.

Step 2.

From cardboard cut out a couple of feet in diameter circles. And glue them together.

Step 3.

From the third bottle cut out the middle and curl into a tube, it will be a connector

two parts.

Step 4.

Wrap in newspaper stones laid in the leg and close the cardboard circle.

Step 5.

the second part of the bottle to 3 cm. And cut.

Step 6.

Cut the petals glue tape, about the same distance.

Step 7.

Paste vase PVA newspaper strips and a 1: 1 with water. Paste in 2 layers.

Step 8.

From cardboard cut out the template and use it to outline the pattern.

Step 9.

Paste vase crumpled paper towels.

Step 10.

From 3-ply napkins curl flagella and stuck on the vase.

Step 11.

First, paint to black, and then slightly purple at the end of bronze.

Step 12.


How to make garland of plastic bottles


This interesting and beautiful decoration for the holiday can be built from conventional Christmas lights and plastic bottles.

Required Material:

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Christmas garland
  • Scissors or knife
  • Stained glass paints or paint in cans.

Cut off the top of the bottle, the size depends on the desired size of the next flower. Make incisions from the bottle neck, their number depends on the number of petals. We round off the ends, giving them the shape of the petals. Paint colors for the desired color, you can experiment and make a two-tone or monochromatic colors.

While our flowers are dried, do cross-shaped cuts in the lid with a knife or scissors. Fix the cover on a garland. Screwed dried flowers to garland attached to the cover.

DIY Cock from plastic bottles and disposable tableware

Cock from plastic bottles and disposable tableware 1

Required Material:

– Three brown plastic bottles;

– Disposable plates (yellow and red);

– Disposable cups (yellow and red);

– A ball of dry pool (yellow);

– Double sided tape;

– Easy tape;

– Stapler;

– Black marker.

From three bottles cut off the top and fastening them together with tape.

Disposable cups incision around the edge and alternating colors, attach them with tape on the neck rooster. From disposable plates cut edge and the inner side of an incision. Turned feathers.Feathers in the tail of a stapler. Insert the tail cut.

The junction close packing paper.

From disposable plates cut and attach the wings.

Attach double-sided adhesive tape head.

From red disposable plates cut out comb, beard, beak and inserted into incisions in the head. From disposable spoons do eyes. Cockerel ready.

How to make beautiful garden flowers from plastic bottles

garden flowers from plastic bottles 1

Photo 1. Cut the top of the bottle with the neck, it will be blank for the flower.
Photo 2. Detail of the bottle with the neck cut into 6-lobe, can be cut into 5 lobes, then petals will turn wider.
3. Photos are folded petals of a flower from a plastic bottle out.
Photo 4. gives shape to the petals of a flower from a plastic bottle (rounded tips of the petals with scissors).
Photo 5. Flower Harvesting from a plastic bottle, painted with enamel paint.
Photo 6. Ready flower from a plastic bottle. How to make a flower stamen for we have considered in the preceding master-class.
Photo 7. This lovely vine of plastic flowers, you can make yourself.

Beautiful coasters out of plastic bottles

coasters out of plastic bottles 1

Required Material:
– 1.5 liter plastic bottle
– Iron tray
– wipes
– glue
– brush
– pencil

1. Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle

2. Place the iron tray on a gas stove and heat it. When it warms up, put on his cut bottom of a plastic bottle. In order to ensure smooth and rounded edges, rotate the tray in opposite directions.

3. The bottom of the bottle to attach a napkin and draw, you will need to retreat from the edge of 0.5 cm.

4. Cut out the napkin and separate its upper layer.

5. Now you need to grease the bottom of the glue.

6. Insert the napkin into the bottom and gently distribute it.

7. Above the napkin, apply with a brush glue and lacquer – for decoupage.

8. Allow the product to dry and harden.

Beautiful Chandeliers and lampshades made of plastic bottles

Chandeliers and lampshades 1 1

Brilliant thought came two years ago,  when took part in an environmental project in South America, for the protection of virgin forest of the Colombian Amazon.
He saw how much waste plastic is thrown into the river, and then falls into the Pacific Ocean, and it gave rise to inspiration. From discarded plastic bottles, he began to make lamps and lampshades.

How to make broom out of plastic bottles

broom out of plastic bottles 1

Tools and materials:
– plastic pre-baked the rope for greater rigidity 20 centimeters long, each piece;
– 88 universal glue;
– Cut the neck of a plastic bottle;
– Sided twist;
– A cover from a plastic bottle 8 pcs .;
– Screws 7 pcs;
– Screwdriver;
– A piece of wood – the basis for the pile of brooms.
We need a 20-centimeter plastic rope tight squeeze and trim. That they were all on one level. And tightly holding them with one hand, pull on one end of the cut-out in advance of the neck of a plastic bottle. It will serve as a holder. If formed unevenness in the distribution of plastic rope, then tap the edge of a pile, equating it to a piece of wood.

Then you need to put a two-way twist on this pile. Carefully dress, gradually pushing the neck of a plastic bottle, which now we do not need, and remove it.

Now also trimmed edge of the bar, so that they are flush with the spin base. And deepen the twist in 5 millimeters deep.
Now we take the glue 88 universal building and pour over the depth of plastic rope. But not too much. We need to stick together villi. And twists the ordinary plastic cap from the bottle, and pushes the rope all the way into the lid. Tap on the bar, and even trim. Now the cover can be removed and again to deepen to 5 millimeters.

Such preparations must be made 7 pieces. The manufacturing process is the same everywhere.
Now we get down to the bar itself. To him, the same distance should be bolted 7 caps from plastic bottles. In the middle of the lid drilled hole to insert a screw with a screwdriver and it is screwed into a bar, pinning thus cover. The lid is secured screw part up.

Now, each cover must be screwed into every blank for a broom. Now these are a pile of stiff brooms ready.