26 Lovely and Fun Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids!

Some of the best crafts to make with kids are made with the simplest supplies. From my years working in day cares, I’ve always been partial to popsicle stick crafts! Whether you prefer to buy yours or just wait until your kids have eaten enough popsicles to amass a good sized stick collection, there are hundreds of different crafts that you can help them make with the little wooden slabs.

Hope you like these Fun Popsicle Stick crafts for kids.

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Beautiful Craft Ideas with MDF Box

Craft ideas with MDF box can result in objects for you to store your offal, in packaging to increase your gifts and even in pieces for the decoration of your environments.

Craft Ideas with MDF Box

You can coat your MDF box with the material you want, such as plain paper, contact paper, jute, paint and even fabric. If you want a box lined with fabric, glue it around your box using glue for decoupage. And use a lot of glue to decoupage around the box as well, to waterproof your piece so that even if it splashes a few drops of water your box will not be ruined.

To enhance your party keepsake, you can customize the MDF box the way you want. It is worth to coat the box with the material you desire. And it’s also worth customizing your box of MDF in a stylized way, like painting the clothes of the bride and groom, to introduce the godparents of the wedding, for example. A very different way to use an MDF box is by securing it to the wall to create a niche. You can customize the MDF box before attaching it to the wall, any way you want and according to the decorating style you want for your environment. Besides there are numerous ways to customize your MDF box, as already mentioned and there are also a multitude of materials that can be applied in your box to embellish it, such as gemstones, beautiful letters, ribbons, attachments and more a multitude of Items. And after customizing your box you can use it to embellish your spaces, even if you do not store anything inside them.

Beautiful egg shell craft idea

Egg shell craft 1

Wonderful egg  shell craft 1. So, to start to take eggshells. About 12 eggs. Wash, separate the film.

2. While the shell is dry, pick up surface: cut out a rectangle of A4 size of a shoe box. Top pasted a sheet of black paper, the color of the background.

3. Apply the pencil drawing.

4. Paint the shell. At this stage it is important to determine on which side you want to glue, and what form should be the result. Option two – paint the outer side or the inside. The difference is felt after application. I chose the inside, used acrylic.

5. Most of the work – mosaic.Nachinaem spread with flowers, finish coating the background for the most accurate study of the figure. The size of the pieces will affect the accuracy of the figure and the relief depth (the smaller, the smoother). For thorough adjusting, elements can form knife. This step takes the most time. 6. Remove the excess glue, if they spoil the picture. 7. We cover a colorless varnish to give shine and more acrylic automotive spray. Layers are applied with an interval of 15 minutes. mosaic and looking for a decent place for her!

DIY Recycled Newspaper Craft Handbags Making Tutorial

Handbags from newspapers 1

Make a small collection of bags from newspapers, very much I like them!

Recently, I was eager to weave something for yourself. Decided: let it be the bag! In search of inspiration, as always turn to the Internet. And found a great variety of options wicker bags, baskets and other things. That’s decided to share my findings with you, all of a sudden someone also need inspiration. To start with different bags, woven from various materials to awaken the imagination.

DIY Easy Gift Packing Bag – Craft Tutorial

Packing gift bag 572

This tutorial shows how to make a paper gift packing bag from colored cardboard. Beautiful for packing oddly shaped items! The use of colored cardboard for scrap booking, rulers, scissors and glue can create containers for Easter gifts. Template and photo masterclass see below.

Required Material:

  • Colored cardboard for scrap booking
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Glue