DIY Handmade No Sew Felt Flowers With Twigs

These DIY no sew felt flowers are the perfect homemade Mother’s Day gift – and the best part is, is that they’ll never wilt or die! Required Material:

  • Felt in various colors for the flowers
  • Green Felt
  • Twigs
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • buttons
  • lids or a circle template — we used 3″ and 6″ in diameter



To make a flower with button: Cut 8 round 3″ circles out of felt – 4 of one color and 4 of another color.

Fold the circle in half and in half again to create a quarter circle. Apply hot glue to the folded edges of one circle and attach it to the folded edge of another circle. Repeat until all four quarter circles are connected to create one circle.

Do the same with the second color of felt, and glue the two flowers together. Attach a gold button in the center of the flower with hot glue

To make a rose, cut a 6″ diameter circle out of felt. Spiral cut the felt about 3/8″ wide. Roll up the felt from the center outward. Affix with hot glue at the end.

To make the “mum” flowers, Cut a piece of felt 12″ x 2.5″ and fold in half. Secure the seam if necessary with little dabs of hot glue. Cut slits at the fold about 1/2″ apart. Being careful not to cut through the entire flower. Roll from one end, and hot glue together as you go.

To make small buds: Cut 3-3″ circles and fold into quarters. Glue the three quarters together into a triangle like shape.

Fold 9×2 or 12×2.5 rectangle in half lengthwise. Like a hot dog bun. Cut slits into the fold. About 3/8″ apart but not going all the way through the fold. Kind of like making fringe. But it’s on the fold. When finished making flowers, cut out leaf shapes. Affix to flowers with hot glue.  Add stick stems.

courtesy: Mommy Moment

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