How to Make Decanter Box of T-Shirts

The manufacturing process is the following; cut t-shirt that’s as I showed, and sew But this is not enough and, therefore, T-shirts of different colors. But I want to say that it is best to paint the shirts once more in the final form, otherwise bad then painted over. Make a loop At the end of the loop stretch and get a new loop

The result is such a pigtail

Then the pigtail sewing needle. For convenience, we are putting in any form.
It turns out something like this form. Next, the shape of the dress and coat with glue well with water and after drying, even coat of varnish for durability. Although the adhesive after it holds its shape well. To use the top, something to keep the shape you want. For registration of the neck using the materials at hand. Take a small stick Winding yarn produced And then beautifully laid This is the flip side Painted black. Gilded paint, gilding For registration, I’m from the old leather boots carved molds. I glue them, but to get such a “boat”. In each “boat” knitted from yarn midway and branches. All received the packed pattern and glue.

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