How to make round box with newspaper tubes

I continue with my boxes made with paper tubes, this time I made it round!

Here’s how I did it!
First you need a lot of paper tubes (see) .

I made the box below the coiling on itself the first tubes and continuing until you have a round of 15 cm in diameter. I smeared glue well to make it pretty tough.

From tubes, I cut 36 pieces 5 cm in length and I folded in half forming around and I glued together the two ends.

I spent well the glue on the rods and I left to dry them well. I have them so glued to the bottom of the box as seen in the photo below. Made a second round pasting them upside down. Always with the tubes I made a circle of top measurement of trash. I pasted above the rods and I did it to dry well. The basket is made.

Now for the cover.
I made another circle of measurement above the basket, I spent a lot of glue to harden well. I folded in half other tubes and I formed the petals, which I included in the circle before.

I give to all a nice pass elongated vinyl glue with a little water. I
let it dry well and then I painted everything with white acrylic paint mixed with glue. I again painted the box with the brown leather color I then soiled with a dry brush darker brown.

I really like and you?

courtesy: centomilaidee

DIY Beautiful Round Box For Small Items

Today I am sharing an idea about round box for small items…
Let’s check how to make round box for small items….

Required Material:
– beer and bookbinding, stationery cardboard;
– kraft paper;
– calico two colors, linen;
– linen lace;
– Clay time carpenter glue Moment Crystal;
– and in a good mood.
To begin, cut out 4 binding cardboard circle with a diameter of 14 cm.
Then the walls – 8 pieces of 14 cm long and 4 cm in height, made exactly in the middle slot – 2 cm.

Kraftoovoy of cut paper strips them and sticking to the walls of the partitions, and then the bottom of the circular compartment boxes.

While I have dried out blank of cardboard cut beer four strips 4.5 cm in height and on one edge, immediately taped a piece of kraft paper.

Clay Moment Crystal greased edge circle and the free edge of the kraft paper, as well as edge strips, and then wait 5 minutes and began to stick to the sidewall of a circle, pressing firmly.

For a reliable fixation of the bottom, further cut a strip of kraft paper.

Pull – stationery cardboard or cardboard can be taken for children’s creativity or cardboard boxes from under cereals, etc., this board is sufficiently dense and holds its shape well, despite the fact that it is thin. Cut first bottom fabric and cardboard, all of pasting glue torque Joiner, evenly distributing the glue on all the surface of the workpiece using a foam roller.

While the bottoms dry, do sidewalls, as you can see in the photo, only sizing the bottom sidewall, top left free.

Combine pasted bottom sidewalls with the edge of the bottom and also pasting, the free edge of the fabric, are folded inwardly and incised, pressed tightly and land.

Made of thin cardboard, cut into triangles and paste them with a cloth edge is left free, they will bend to the side walls side.

Coat with glue and insert the bottom of a down, watch for so that the edge of the fabric smoothly bent on the side cover.

Then cut from paperboard blanks angle when corners are taped, executes a circular sidewall.

The upper edges – decorate linen lace.

Now came the turn of the box base. In order to bend the flat surface, taken as a basis for a 5-liter bottle from under the water, her twisted and bonded masking tape – cardboard. Then take a beer carton, it is soft enough to be folded, cut two pieces of 20 cm, width 48 cm, are coated with glue, glue them to each other and cardboard becomes very soft until it is dry – wrapped around the bottle, then we must make sure that it does not twisted, I fix the cut masking tape and land hairdryer.

When the base is dried, cut it into two equal parts and their light flux paste inside, leaving 0.5 cm on the extension and immediately all land hairdryer, preventing disintegration cardboard.

Once the base is dry, mark, as I stand round branch boxes between them, should be a gap in the 0.5-0.7 mm from the edge – top and bottom have to retreat to 0.2 mm.

I do another perform – is the front, it will be wider than the inner 2 cm, to pane came to each other. Tissue base I consist of two parts, I joined them on the sewing machine.

Round shelves are glued to the bottom – on the glue Moment Crystal.

When the foundation is well dries, cut two pieces for the bottom and the lid, they have me consists of halves, pasted them on the glue Moment Crystal. I fasten the handle to make it convenient to push the box.

It remained for the small – decoration and cover the bottom of the box. I fix them as the glue Moment Crystal.

And casket stands ready, at the very domes sitting small needle bed, with a coquettish bow of satin ribbon.

Casket opened and closed

I wish you creative inspiration 🙂
courtesy: livemaster

How to Make an Basic Explosion Gift Box

Basic Explosion Gift Box: Today, to share the basic gift box production process, need to prepare the material is very simple, but as long as coupled with your creativity, you can make a new full of full, unique gift box!

Required Material:

● ruler, crimping pen
● scissors, utility knife, cutting pad
● double-sided adhesive, round
● A sheet of 39 * 39CM paper is made as an outer layer
( the paper on the outer layer is as thick as possible).
• A sheet of 23.5 * 23.5CM is made of a sheet of paper
• A sheet of 36 * 36CM is made of medium
● A 33 * 33CM paper is made of inner layer
● Decorated pattern paper and ribbon

Take the first 39 * 39CM paper to do the outer layer, each side is divided into three sections 13CM painted Jiugongge, four corners of the square to draw a line. Step2.
Take a 13 * 13CM paper on the folding cut a love as a model, in the four corners on the mark, the extra part of the cut off, folded in accordance with the fold line, coupled with the decorative love, the outer layer to do The. Step3.
Part of the cover to remove the 23.5 * 23.5CM paper, the inside of the 5 cm draw line, the figure will be removed part of the slash, in accordance with the polyline will be four sides stick together, the lid is completed.
Then we have to do the middle part of the pocket, according to the size of the figure to draw a broken line, a good direction to cut four knives, after folding with double-sided adhesive bonding; bonding will find two grid side will grow a little, so the long sides of the cut, the middle also completed!
(you can also use the shape of a puncher for decoration)
Step 5.
Remove the 33 * 33CM paper, draw a pencil to draw each section of the 11CM Jiugongge, the four sides of the square to remove, and then chamfer chamfer; Finally, all the parts combination, and then tied to the ribbon, the basic The gift box is finished!

How To Decorated Prayer Box

You can make a decorated prayer box to complement your little altar delicately.

To make this craft you will need:

  • 1 wooden box or MDF of your choice;
  • Common brush;
  • Acrylic paint with the color of your choice;
  • Common brush;
  • Acrylic paint with the color of your choice;
  • Old newspaper, old paper, cardboard or plastic, to line the place where you will work with your piece;
  • Ornaments of your choice to decorate your piece;
  • Pearls;
  • Lacinhos;
  • Glue everything;
  • Role of your choice;
  • Paper block with size fits inside the chosen box;
  • Buttons with the models, styles, prints or colors of your choice;
  • Cord of pompoms with the color, size, model and style of your choice;
  • Old newspaper, old paper, cardboard or plastic, to line the place where you will work with your piece.


Step by Step of Decorated Prayer Box

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts.

Then line the place where you will work with your piece, with old newspaper, old paper, cardboard or plastic. Paint your wooden or MDF box first with the white color if you want. Allow to dry and then apply the chosen color. If you want a stronger and stronger color, apply two or even three layers of paint, but always let the paint dry very well between layers. Let the paint dry very well before handling your part again and continue to make your work. Soon after, write a prayer or message, glue on the inside of the lid of your box and start pearl necklace around. Now, finish pasting the pearls inside the box lid and begin decorating the outside of your box. Then, to finish your piece, just finish decorating your box, with the trimmings you wish. And it’s ready!(Photo:

DIY: Handmade Tissue Box

To make this craft you will need:

  • Waxed wire with the color of your choice;
  • Box of handkerchief;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Cardboard boxes;
  • Stiletto;
  • Pencil;
  • Ruler;
  • Common scissors;
  • Common white glue;
  • Glue stick;
  • Papers with texture of your choice and with colors or prints also of your preference.

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Measure and scratch on the cardboard the size of the top of the tissue box, but with a small leftover. Trim.

Measure, scratch and also trim the sides of the tissue box. Also with a little leftover for this part assembled by you to fit in the tissue box. Mount your carton with the aid of a piece of adhesive tape being positioned inside and out of the carton. Cut a piece of textured paper to the top of your carton. Cut the corners and position on the box. Cut the inside of the opening and turn the paper envelope in, pasting them. Cut and glue the sides. Cut the cat’s tail, muzzle and ears into the papers. Also cut the whiskers and eyes on the waxed wire. Glue the inside of the ear, cut and fold the base, curving it, and glue it to one end of the box. To finalize your piece, glue the eyes, whiskers, muzzle and tail of the kitten. And it’s ready! Because this piece is removable, whenever the tissue box is finished you can remove the part of the kitten from above and position it in another tissue box. (Photo:

DIY: Surprise Messages Hidden In Little Matchboxes

To make this cute craft you will need:

  • Small spring;
  • Cutting Pliers;
  • Sewing pins with head;
  • Matchbox;
  • Papers of your choice and with the colors or prints also of your preference;
  • Structured paper of your choice and with the color or stamp also of your preference;
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil;
  • Common scissors;
  • Hot glue pistol;
  • Template (image below).

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts.Measure the size of the inside of the matchbox and cut strips of paper.
Coat the outside of the carton. Cover the inside of the carton. Glue the smaller strip to the length of the carton. Remove the outside of the carton. Cover the outside of the box and reassemble it by gluing the flaps with the aid of the hot glue gun. Cut one piece of the sewing pin through the end of the inside and fold the leftover pin inside to secure.

Decorate a heart made of structured paper and paste a phrase on the side of the heart to decorate your surprise box . Write or draw what you want and also decorate your paper heart structured with the materials you want.

Cut a piece of the spring and glue it to the back of the heart with the aid of the hot glue gun. To finish your piece, glue the spring into the matchbox. And it’s ready! (Photo:

Beautiful Craft Ideas with MDF Box

Craft ideas with MDF box can result in objects for you to store your offal, in packaging to increase your gifts and even in pieces for the decoration of your environments.

Craft Ideas with MDF Box

You can coat your MDF box with the material you want, such as plain paper, contact paper, jute, paint and even fabric. If you want a box lined with fabric, glue it around your box using glue for decoupage. And use a lot of glue to decoupage around the box as well, to waterproof your piece so that even if it splashes a few drops of water your box will not be ruined.

To enhance your party keepsake, you can customize the MDF box the way you want. It is worth to coat the box with the material you desire. And it’s also worth customizing your box of MDF in a stylized way, like painting the clothes of the bride and groom, to introduce the godparents of the wedding, for example. A very different way to use an MDF box is by securing it to the wall to create a niche. You can customize the MDF box before attaching it to the wall, any way you want and according to the decorating style you want for your environment. Besides there are numerous ways to customize your MDF box, as already mentioned and there are also a multitude of materials that can be applied in your box to embellish it, such as gemstones, beautiful letters, ribbons, attachments and more a multitude of Items. And after customizing your box you can use it to embellish your spaces, even if you do not store anything inside them.

DIY: Beautiful Watermelon Box

Watermelon box 2

You can make a beautiful watermelon box to give a loved one and make the greatest success.

Tips to Make Cash Watermelon

To do this piece you will need:

1.Green satin ribbon;
2.EVAs with colors: red with black polka dots, green, EVA stamped with watermelons;
3.universal glue, glue for EVA glue all or hot glue gun, glue depending on their preference to work with EVA;
4.Stick BBQ;
6.Molde (image below).

Start by transferring the mold parts to the respective colors of EVAs, with the help of stick BBQ. Then, with the mold parts already cut, join portions of the bottom side of the EVA and the case back using the glue you prefer to work with EVA. Then apply glue around the edges, uniting the parts already assembled, forming the structure of the box. Soon after, paste the structure of the box on the EVA with the balls, but with an upward pattern and cut out the excess. Now start gluing the side finishes in watermelon EVA from the center side of the background. Cole involving the entire side of the structure, and if there are leftovers, cut, making the finish. Glue the cover piece on the poá, leaving the dots to face down and cut out the excess. Then paste watermelon strip around the lid, as you did in earlier body structure. Press the strip in the corners, so it does not drop. Soon after, paste the watermelon detail on the cover Now, to finish your piece, decorate the cover with a tie and finish around the cover seam with green satin ribbon. And you are done!