How to make children fabric hat

Children hat fabric is beautiful and protects small solar rays, which can be very harmful during certain hours of the day.

Fabric Children Hat Model

To make this craft you will need:

1. thick fabrics of your choice and with the colors or prints also of your choice
2.seam line with the color matching with the chosen materials
3.Ornaments of your own or common ribbons, jute tape, signings, trimmings, rustic wire, sequin lace, lace nozzles, inset and haberdashery that you want to use to decorate your piece
4.common scissors
5.Scissors for fabric
6.Measuring tape
7.Pins for sewing
8.hand needle
9.Sewing machine
10.Chalk or pencil for sewing
Molde (image below)

Step by Step Child Hat Fabric

Start separating all the materials you will use in your craft. Then transfer the mold parts for the respective colors of the selected tissues. Remember to adjust the hat size to the size of the head of your child.

Then sew the flaps and the canopy.
After that, mount the outside of his hat, sewing all parties. Keep aligned seams. The seams are with another line color for easy viewing of the walkthrough, but you should sew with a line with a color similar to the color of the fabric. Now sew the lining.

Then place a piece of work on the other, with the sides of the right of the tissues together, inside, and sew around, but leaving an opening. Soon after, to finish your piece, turn the piece to the right side of the fabric and close the opening with stitches by hand with the aid of hand needle and thread for sewing. Grace your hat with whatever you want. And you are done!

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