How to make beautiful bags of denim in the technique of “chenille”

you need : a few pieces of fabric (layers must be done at least three), thread, sewing machine, scissors.
Very nice, this technique looks at the type of flannel fabrics, crepe and jeans. I decided to try on the denim fabric and chiffon.
Now the work of: Jeans, to steam. Fold the fabric layers on top of each other like this:

As you can see, I have set the lower and upper layer of denim cloth in the middle of the three layers of chiffon.
Tip: In the middle is better to put BRIGHT fabric, it looks spectacular in sections.
Mark the direction of future chalk seams (45 degrees to the share)

Stitch recommend this technique placed at a distance of 1.3-1.5 cm from each other. Scribbling should be alternately changing the direction of the lines. That’s what I did: dos trach Vala until the end of the lines and the fabric turned 180 degrees and paves the following line.
That’s how it happened:

Carefully cut the tissue between the lines, not only touching the bottom layer, and a stiff brush to spend some time across sections, “shaggy” so fabric. Still recommend a fabric scroll in the washing machine.
It turns out like this:

Next you need to make a future handbag on the side seams. It turns out like this:

You need to add a small piece of denim at the top of the bag, as usual width of jeans is not enough to make a deep enough bag:

The seam needs to insert the handle of the bag. Handles are made of two strips of denim as follows:

And so they should turn out and defer the finishing line:

Paste in suture they should be as follows:

Here they are in the finished form.

Paving the finishing line on the insert, you need to handle and topstitch along the top edge:

To make the bag volume should be scribbling corners perpendicular to the side seams. Cut them off is not necessary – it will create stiffness on the bottom of that bag is important.

Here is a view of the front side:

Lining for bags can be made from purchased fabric, and can adapt in order to save this old t-shirt: cheap and nice to the touch. Cut off as follows:

Perelitsovyvat and bottom:

Sewn seam connection to liner insertion and bags.

I even have a T-shirt label preserved, it came as a brand name. I do not rip out began because, the most liked.
Now you need to decorate the bag. In the old jeans pockets on the embroidery, it was wonderful, so I decided to use it. Suppose further that will please the eye:

Just cut it with scissors around and sewed by hand needle with gold thread. It was possible to topstitch seam “Zigzag”:

When the work was at this point, I suddenly thought that it was necessary to make a bag for convenience, inner pocket … oh, I forgot!
But the output was found by itself. Cut a second pocket of jeans. Cut, not particularly bothered, just around, leaving a couple of centimeters at the top:

And so he sewed to the lining of the already finished, only the upper edge. The result was I “into fly-away” internal pocket:

Sew the roses by hand and added a little black with silver thread guipure. That’s what I got handbag.

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