How to draw herbal mural – Step By Step

How to draw herbal mural

Suppose you are allergic to indoor plants. Or your cat eats everything that grows in pots. Or you’re pathologically forget to water the plants, but the greens in the house you want. What to do? The answer is simple – to paint.

This size stencils (human height and greater) consist usually of several parts. Identify a place for drawing on the wall, mark the reference points by which you will be guided, pasting stencil. Place the stencil “front” side of a sheet of paper, and spray on the surface of a special spray glue. Stick the stencil on the wall, focusing on the control label. Flatten it and how to push your palms against the wall. Check if it is locked. Mixing acrylic paints, apply it with a sponge Skilled craftsmen can immediately cast shadows, adding a dark paint. Less experienced first suggested to apply a common uniform background, and then perform the shadows, striking a different tone paint the second and third layer. After finishing work on the first part of the stencil, remove it and let the paint dry. Align the pattern with the second part of the stencil (pre causing her glue), as specified in the attached instructions. Continue to fill drawing, causing the paint with a sponge. When finished, do not forget to wash the stencil – and it can be used more than once. Your plant mural ready!

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