How to make a miniature garden terrace

Miniature garden “planted” in a large flower pot made of concrete can be used and concrete planters. As they do with their hands – I have a Blog mass master classes. If anyone should be, too lazy to look), write, skins can credit. The idea is perfect for placing in the garden vernde in the country, on the balcony, and even on the kitchen window sill – if you use small pots.

So, how to make a miniature garden with his own hands. For work, we need:

  • a large flower pot made of concrete – must have a drainage system (the hole), that there is no excess water in the pot,
  • a mixture of earth and sand,
  • Plants suitable for a miniature garden,
  • twigs,
  • paperboard
  • paper,
  • stationery knife,
  • Hot glue or glue,
  • lacquer for wood,
  • cement mix,
  • pebbles and stones.

How to make a house of twigs:

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