DIY: Handmade jute lampshade

Hello, dear friends! Yesterday finished work on the new lights. I hasten to share the result. To use the base of the bottle of blue glass. Lampshades made of using his technique “Jute filigree”. did not. A lampshade in the shape of a hemisphere gathered on the form (flower pot) made separately from the branches. I did not know how things will turn out. Between the branches were gaps closed and connected the composition in the process of the various elements in the form of curls and leaves. The result had been the same for quite solid shade without gaps. The base was decorated with the same branches and curls of jute, Marbles, and pearls. Another lamp with a four-sided shade. In working with him, I also use a bleached jute (the idea came to whiten the rope in the process). Received an unusual, even more interesting, in my opinion. The composition is three-dimensional. The base also graced the simple and bleached jute, Marbles and contour on the glass. To use the backlight LED tape. It is safe and bright. Movement is. The cap is almost ready.

Third still in operation. This is normal and bleached jute. This is also a jute. I experimented with painting with acrylics.

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