Decorate a lamp of rice paper

Doubts about how to decorate a lamp of rice paper ? Invest in down and get a piece with visual and sophisticated. Classical and neutral colors ensure further refinement to a lamp and therefore for any given environment.

Suggested Decorate a Paper lamp Rice

To do this customization lamp you will need:

1.paper lamp rice with the color of your choice;
2.Hot glue pistol;
3.common scissors;
4.down cord with the color of your choice.

Start separating all the materials you will use in your craft.

Then, apply a dab of hot glue near the edge of the bottom of your lamp of rice paper. Then position the tip of the cord down on the glue and start to stick the cord around the entire edge of a rice paper lamp, but letting the foot down, to make a good finish at the end of their work. Follow pasting your down cord around the bottom edge of your paper lamp rice, making layers of tightly closed and filled with feathers, not to let a glimpse of the color of your light fixture rice paper. Soon after, follow pasting down cord around his rice paper lamp, well-filled way. When coming to the end, paste the cord down even more carefully, to make a good finish in his play. Now, to complete your customization lamp, finish paste the feather cord around the top edge of a rice paper lamp, cut the tip and glue the end doing a good finish. And you are done!

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