How to make photo frame with corrugated cardboard

Let’s say you bought something big for the house, quickly gutted the box, all unpacked, put and rejoice. Wait, wait, Now Smiles will be more!  see some of the corrugated cardboard? Well considered? Do not dispose of this, not the beauty of it may happen Well at least this frame First, outline the size and cut out the shape. With the line forming a fold line and fold in half frame Glue the side parts of the back of the frame glue support leg If the frame is intended to be placed on the wall, you will need a loop. Pierce the cardboard and turn down the antennae inside the Secure them with a piece of adhesive tape

Now glue the two parts of the frame Prototyping knife chop the remaining cardboard into strips the width of 0.7 cm make out the edges and the inside of the frame. The edges of the strips should be cut at an angle of 45 ° remaining strips to flatten bending and twisting the strip in an arbitrary manner and is glued to the support surface remains only suitable for framing pictures or picture (can be with glass)

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