DIY: Crocuses corrugated paper

Crocuses corrugated paper 1

You will need:

  • corrugated paper green (for stems and leaves), yellow (for stamens) and several colors
  • sticks or skewers for canapes (for stems)
  • PVA glue
  • scissors
  • thin wire
  • small vessel under a bunch

How do crocus paper?

  1. Cut rectangles of corrugated paper of any color in the size 8×4 cm. The paper is positioned in such a way that a longitudinal relief was held on the short side. Fold each rectangle in the “accordion” and cut 6 symmetrical petals. Gently curl the edge of each of the petals on a thin stick (eg toothpick).

2. Cut small squares of yellow, cut fringe on them, before reaching the edge of about a quarter of the size.
3. We turn off the item in a tube, tighter curl each narrow strip of fringe – it will flower stamens, dipped them in glue.
4. Winding-serdtsevinki stamens of the flower petals, superimposing them and gradually consolidating each subsequent adhesive tab.
5. Insert the skewer, fixing the petals on a stick with a piece of wire.
6. Wrapped with ribbon stalk, chopped of green crepe paper.
7. Cut pointy parts for leaves. To make bulk leaflets lightly wrap the edge of the perimeter.
8. Imposing leaves at each other, glue on each stem leaves 3-5.
Our MC for the crocuses used corrugated paper in different shades of blue, but you can use paper of different colors.

Festive cream cake from corrugated paper

Cake corrugate paper 1

There are usually tube glued with a glue gun. But we’ll use two common types of glue: PVA glue and pencil. PVA has to be thick enough, it is better in a bottle with a spout, and a glue stick – fresh. The primary tool for this technique are the large needles with the limiter at the end. For this work, a pair of spokes used 4.5 mm thick, 6 mm, 8 mm.

To make the cake need a frame-basis. You can use a ready-made cardboard box, or you can make your own out of construction paper or cardboard. Draw two circles from a single center with a radius of 10 cm and 11.5 cm. Cut out on the outside line. Make teeth from the edge to the inside line.

Do the side edges of the lower layer. The length of the lower layer of the strip -. 62.8 cm, height 10 cm Cut out a strip with a margin for gluing or pasting it from several bands.
Bend all the teeth on one side. Gluing the side edge. Glue the circle. You can stick teeth, but it is much easier – teeth out. You can put a circle on the table, put glue inside the cylinder and cloves. Then flip. Perform double design surface. Cut off from the roll bandwidth of 15 cm. Lay down and cut it in half, you get two rectangles of 15 × 25 cm. To outline the middle folding line. Take spokes 8 mm thick (and other possible). Put the needle on the edge of the strip (limiter should hang off the table) and tightly wound paper. Is wound up to the marked line of the middle. On the other hand to wind the paper for the second needle. When you wrap the first two spokes must hold hands. Put the spokes vertically on the guides. Take the fingers of the lower part of the paper. Small movement downward pulls together the paper until it is all not the spokes. This should be done in small areas, moving his fingers. Here is the paper when it is all compressed. Now you can remove it from the spokes. The result was a double. Make enough of these different colors.
To glue the tube to the lower layer, first, try on its height. Drag to the desired length, densely smash underside PVA tube, and press firmly to the base.
Make decorative ornaments in the form of white. Draw a semi-oval 12 cm on thick paper, 4 cm wide. It is best to make a template to draw such figures 6. Glue on the other side of the strip of white crepe paper. Gluing only glue stick. Cut out 6 pieces. Twist 6 double white tubes of the rectangles 13 × 25 cm on the spokes 6 mm. Bend the tube, slightly cutting into the middle and flattened ends. Glue the tube on the edge of the workpiece. Make 6 parts. Glue parts, slightly bent them along the top edge. Twist the double white tubes on the needles of 8 mm. Obkleyte of the top surface of seam side up. Make two concentric circles. Now you can make roses. This will require single. Take the strip (along with the lines of corrugation) 7 × 25-30 cm. Brush the edge of the glue stick. Put the needle on the opposite side. Screw needle on paper. Put the needle vertically, put your fingers on the bonding position (the seam did not disperse. Compresses the paper slowly from top to bottom. Squeeze all of the paper to the end. Take off with the single needle To make rosettes, flattened end of the tube, smash PVA glue and twist the spiral, trying to maintain the shape of the tube. The tip again flattened and Con inside. The result was a spiral rosette. In the same way as the bottom, make the top layer of the cake. First Draw two circles with radii of 5 cm and 6.5 cm. Do cloves. size 6 × 31.5 cm (do not forget to stock on bonding) Cut out the tape side edge. Gluing basis. Screw the tubes of the rectangles 13 × 25 cm Spokes take thinner – 6mm. Each cut the tube in half to their height to get a 6 cm. Obkleyte side edges. Twist two double green tube and a few single green. Glue on top around the edges of the double tube, and then helically glued single, until it fills the entire plane. Glue the top layer in the middle of the bottom layer. The remaining space is filled double tubes on the needles 6 mm. To make the lily, twist the three double rolls of strips of 12 × 25 cm on the spokes of 4.5 mm. Cut each in half. Stretch up to 7 cm. A little Unfold the center. Flatten the ends of the right upright and left – horizontally. Gluing right ends, and the left stick together put it on each other. Bend the tab, screwing it on his finger. Pruning tip, making it sharpened. Make 6 petals. To take stamens strips 3,5 × 9 cm. Screw the single tube to 4.5 cm needle. Squeeze a small area. Take off the tube and screw in the flagellum of the remaining, non-compressed portion. Take a few stamens. Gluing bundle of stamens, glue around three petals, and then three more. Outside the petals can be pasted a thin strip of corrugated paper. The result was a flower. Do the leaves of thin single tubes. Glue the leaves and rosettes. Do the lights of thin tubes. Insert the sharp end of the skewer. Put a straw, rolled out of white paper pasted yellow crepe paper. Strengthen the candles on a cake. Dear guests welcome to all the festive tea party!

How to Make Photo Frame with Corrugated Cardboard

Photo frame with corrugated cardboard 1

You can easily create a photo frame using corrugated cardboard. It’s easy to do and inexpensive too!

Let’s say you bought something big for the house, quickly gutted the box, all unpacked, put and rejoice. Wait, wait, Now Smiles will be more!  see some of the corrugated cardboard? Well considered? Do not dispose of this, not the beauty of it may happen Well at least this frame

Learn to Make Photo Frame with Cardboard

This photo frame is made from corrugated cardboard, which gives it a unique texture and look. The frame is simple and stylish, and would be a great addition to any room. It’s also eco-friendly and recyclable, which is always a bonus. To make a photo frame with corrugated cardboard, you will need: -A piece of corrugated cardboard -A sharp knife -A ruler -A pencil

Learn to Make Photo Frame with Cardboard

First, outline the size and cut out the shape. With the line forming a fold line and fold in half frame

Learn to Make Photo Frame with Cardboard

Glue the side parts

the back of the frame glue support leg

If the frame is intended to be placed on the wall, you will need a loop. Pierce the cardboard and turn down the antennae inside the

Secure them with a piece of adhesive tape

Now glue the two parts of the frame

Prototyping knife chop the remaining cardboard into strips the width of 0.7 cm

make out the edges and the inside of the frame. The edges of the strips should be cut at an angle of 45 °

remaining strips to flatten

bending and twisting the strip in an arbitrary manner and is glued to the support surface

remains only suitable for framing pictures or picture (can be with glass)

How to Make Photo Frame with Corrugated Cardboard

Cardboard Box Activities & Crafts

A photo frame made out of corrugated cardboard that can be customized with different colors and designs.

A photo frame made out of corrugated cardboard is a great way to display your photos. You can customize the frame with different colors and designs to match your home decor. The frame is lightweight and easy to hang on your wall.

A corrugated cardboard photo frame that can be used as a bulletin board.

This corrugated cardboard photo frame is a great way to display pictures and also doubles as a bulletin board. Simply tack the frame to a wall or door and start decorating. It’s a perfect way to personalize your space and keep cherished memories on display.

A corrugated cardboard photo frame that can be used to display photos, artwork, or other memorabilia.

This corrugated cardboard photo frame is a great way to display photos, artwork, or other memorabilia. It’s easy to assemble and can be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf. The frame is made of durable cardboard and has a clear plastic window that protects your photos or artwork. FAQs

What is the cardboard in a picture frame called?

The cardboard in a picture frame is called a mat. A mat is a piece of cardboard or paper that is used to highlight or emphasize a picture or other piece of artwork.

How do you make a picture frame out of cardboard?

To make a picture frame out of cardboard, you will need to cut a piece of cardboard to the desired size and shape. Next, you will need to cover the cardboard with fabric or paper. Once the fabric or paper is in place, you will need to glue it to the cardboard. Finally, you will need to add a hanger to the back of the frame so that it can be hung on a wall.

Do I leave the cardboard in the picture frame?

If you have a piece of cardboard that came with the frame, it is meant to be left in the frame. The cardboard helps to keep the frame sturdy and prevent it from warping.

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How to make floral tapestry from corrugated paper step by step

floral tapestry from corrugated paper 1

Required Material:

  • Wooden bolt (to be found at any hardware store and ask to cut it to the size you want – here we use 2 cm by 61 cm)
  • Corrugated paper of different colors
  • Threads
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Punch
  • Handle
  • Wooden glazing beads (optional)
    Step 1: To speed up the process of cutting the petals bend corrugated paper along the length of a period of about 5 cm wide in 6 layers. Secure the edges of clothespins.
    Step 2: Use the pattern to draw the contours of the petals along the strip of paper. Selling holes in each stack of petals with a punch.
    Step 3: Cut out the petals. Do the same with every color of the paper.

Step 4: To fluff up the petals, gently pull the edges of the paper, creating a kind of ripple. You can stretch several petals, to save time. Step 5: Tight bolt threads. Tie long strands around the bolt every 5 cm. On them, you will be stringing the petals.Step 6: petals are strung on a thread and tighten the knot at the end of each tape obtained. Alternate the colors of the petals, to get the palette.