How to make soft pot clock ornaments

The main thing – the idea! You can make such a clock of any size, not just covered with clay cup, but any size jar, pot, bowl …

1. Choose a large ceramic cup on the big, down on the table. 2. Take a piece of brown Taiwan Zhengguang soft clay, with rolling pin (or pressure machine) even carry out a slightly thick piece, wrapped in the cup outside the wall. (Note: Do not put the whole cup full, but more than 1/2 of the area, so as to ensure that the clock can be done after the stand.  3. Wrap the cup wall, find a center point poke a round hole, the size of the round hole with the shape of the core size of the circle as much as possible. 4. With scissors empty beer cans cut into about 3mm of the strip, around the outer wall of the soft clay, this is the use of aluminum toughness to prevent the soft clay in the dry nest after the deformation of the phenomenon. 5. and then pressure a layer of the same size before the brown mud, the purpose is to cover the beer cans, pay attention to poke out the hole.

6. Then, with some small mud in the brown mud surface to do the shape, small mud from the bottom to the formation of gradual color is more beautiful. (The second line, white plus two brown; the third line, white plus three brown, and so on until the whole cup wall.).  7. Put the affixed work into the oven and bake at a temperature of 120 ° C to 150 ° C for about 20 minutes. To be cooler oven, the work out, find a flat head long strip of the tool, slowly let the soft pottery from the porcelain surface. 8. The general effect of the concept bell came out. Then please carefully observe the shape of the clock, the arc is greater than the cup 1/2, whether standing secure. 9. Prepare the watch core. 10. The core through the round hole, with a special screw on the back, the back into the battery will be able to time it!

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