Paper Quilling “Owl” Tutorial – Step by step

“Owl” in the technique of quilling. I hope you enjoy it and come in handy.

Required Material:

  • Paper for quilling (1.5 cm)
  • Paper for pastels
  • Cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Shilo for quilling
  • Template “Sovushka-Owl” (print)

is printed on templates owls, here he is in the right scale. If this is not possible, draw yourself, or by transfer from a computer monitor.

Template on thick paper and cut out.
Do not forget to put border of the wings and abdomen.

When the foundation is ready, glue a loop based on an owl. To do this, take the white stripes 1.5 cm wide, coat with glue of our bases end and glue it to the white outline.

Give dry. Then do the boundaries of the wings and abdomen. To this end we coat with glue the white paper and glue along the contour of a pencil, which we dealt previously.

While drying circuit, we turn to the preparation of the rolls. Our owl is filled with the usual rolls.
For this I used a Korean paper (strip length 27cm, width 1.5 cm) of three colors (blue, two shades and navy blue).

Take a strip and using an awl make 1-2 turns. Shilo remove the strip and get a wrapped end, she was very ready to begin to curl.

Then begin your hands to roll the strip into the roll.

When the roll is rolled, dissolve it, put on the edge of the adhesive strip and fix.

The maximum diameter of the roll dissolved 1.5 cm and less.

And so we harvests rolls of different colors and different sizes. To get a small diameter, 27cm strip cut into several pieces, and twisting of these rolls.

When the rolls is sufficient, we go to fill our owls. To do this, we apply the adhesive evenly over the area, which we plan to fill. I started from the bottom. Take on the rolls turn and glue them. It should be done fairly quickly, since the adhesive dries quickly.

Here are a few photos of owls filling process.

When our body is filling owl, go to the wings. To do this, we need the same twist roll, dissolve it and squeeze the two opposite sides, leaving midway through the middle. We get the diamond unit. On the edge of the strip of glue is applied, fix.

When diamonds are ready, just fill in the wings, as well as the body of an owl.

So far, all we have to dry, we turn to the eyes. Take pastel paper translate from the eye template, cut and pasted on each other.

Give the glue to dry, so that in the future the eyes have not collapsed. And when everything is ready glue them to the body of an owl. Like this.

And there are very little. Make legs.
Also curl roll, dissolve it, forming a diamond unit and owls are glued to the bottom calf.

And this is our night owl is ready.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: art-quilling

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