How to make bicycle planters

here is a great turned out to me !! She did the first time, but it seems like now and you. we trailed) and so weave three spiral tubes, the diameter of the small wheel on twisted 1.5cm labial .a large wheel diameter of 3 cm (in a jar of acrylic paint TIP: each tube to take the glue otherwise imparting wheel will form like this … Here is my first wheel, everything fell apart (((and so weave a length of 29cm all three lanes, turn a wheel, we coat with glue the edges and that’s how I did (you can sew thread), but I took the ribbon and strongly bound, like this leave overnight

We threaded tubes so as to get the “spokes” in small 4spitsy, a large wheel 6 do first rear axle, three tube bend (tubes) and sticks to the inside anchoring thread tails and connect the wheel thread again take 3  tube connect crisscross and connect front wheel: 6 tubes take conventional threaded to Sredinka and connect on both sides ie, left and right they put on another 3 tubes connect and entwine thread tube we do plug second and anchoring, and the tails are driving We put on another 3 tube in place of the plug connections, anchoring thread weave knob on the steering wheel 9cm share entwine and put on glue Here frame plus.soedinyaem and begin to wrap the entire frame
as my daughter says FIDALIKI)))) take the tube on the front wheel, divide by 2 pieces form a triangle and entwine, tails I cut off white paint, dry them He wove this basket’s front will hang on the handlebars something like that and here is another I wish you success in the work, I hope has been useful for you!

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