How to make simple beautiful hat

Who with me can make a hat-sachet.
For this,

we need: fabric for the base of the cap, transparent fabric for decoration top hats, fragrant herbs or spices, cardboard circle or an old CD, the cover or any other basis for the top of the cap, glue, and accessories From cardboard cut out a circle, the size desired – field cap.
Cut the desired height of the cardboard roll – this is the top of the cap. Cut a circle of fabric large size cardboard circle: Do batter in circles and tightens tissue, anchoring the thread … The result is a finished lower part of the future of the cap:

Then proceed to the design of the head: The upper side of the roll shall be in such form, pasting edge of the fabric inside: The lower part of the roll so make out, making basting and gathering the fabric together, fixing thread – is the lower part of the top of the roll: Cut the transparent tissue item for “dressing” of the whole of the head/coil Before you fix the transparent fabric on a roll, fill it with herbs or spices, but not to the top, to the future of the head look flat: When filled, the form of the roll looks like this: Basting contractible in the bottom of the roll of transparent tissue, thereby “dressing” of the head, and at the same time making a clear opening for the spice flavor in the top of the roll: Attach both sides of the cap with each other: Next, we give flight to their imagination and work on the decoration of the cap itself.
I left it like this: I wish new successes!

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