How to make ostrich puppet – Step By Step

We need materials:
Fleece red (can be pink, orange, yellow, magenta).
Sintepon 1 cm thick.
Faux fur with long pile 20 * 20 cm.
Leatherette 13 * 7 cm.
Foam ball 6 cm.
Decorative cord lengths of 50 cm and 10 cm.
Two skewers.
2 cut toothpicks (4 sticks).
The line of 1.5 m.
4 beads.
“Master” Clay.
Needle with thread.
The sharp knife of stationery.
A small hand saw.
Screwdriver with a drill.

Step 1: The body and the head.
Drawing on the size of 16.5 * 8 cm (height) and 12 * 6 cm (height) of the underside of the fur two rectangles. It is important that the fur from top to bottom.

Take stationery knife and start cutting the fur, with fingers slightly stretch fabric. In one place, you can take a knife a few times until there are two halves. Use scissors to cut the fur can not be as srezhet nice long nap). Important! The knife must be sharp!

Take a long stretch – this is our body. On one side of the middle two small slits do (5 mm) at a distance from each other by 2 cm. And on a small piece (head), one slit 5 mm.

Now fold in half with fur inside. Refill getting out inside the pile, so as not to interfere with it when sewing. Sew the two sides (on the machine can and can hand). Below and to the right.
Important! To fur by adding the correct lay: from top to bottom.

To turn out on the front side.

Thread the two ends of the cord length of 50 cm through a hole to get out cords on the front side. Aligns strings to the same length, we catch thread c Wrong side near the slots to ostrich legs do not over-tighten in the future.

Take folded in half and inserted into the body fur and head through the hole, which is not stitched.

 Take the cord match ends so that it is not dissolved.

Thread a needle in one addition. Take the cord 10cm long, inserted into the body at a depth of 1cm and a needle in the middle we catch to the fur. Fix the thread circle small stitches.

Tighten thread and fasten thread. Crop. You should get tightness body, from which emerges the cord – a neck and two legs from below.

Step 2. Head.
Take a piece of fleece 6 * 6 cm.

 Cut along. It took only one triangle. This beak ostrich. Fold in half face inward.

 Sew the side of the acute tip to the wide part. To turn out on the front side.

Insert beak into the hole in the head. And the circle is very neat, small stitches sew beak around.
Important! Once layer 4 is not sewn. 1 cross-linking fur coat and 1 layer of fleece in a circle.Nothing complicated, just be careful.

 We connect the head and body. Spreading the fur on the head and insert the cable to a depth of 1 cm in the slotted hole, sew tight.

Step 3: Legs. Part 1 .
Cut saw the foam ball in half. It can be a knife with small teeth (mind your fingers!).

 It is our soles, shoes ostrich. Take a piece of artificial skin, put on his half of the ball and encircle it. It should be two circles. Cut circles with scissors.

Step 4. Making cross – ostrich management.
Cut the two pieces of fishing line length of 50 cm. The match melts ends, to get the thickening.

 Each put on the line for beads.

 Cut the two pieces of fishing line length of 30 cm and 22 cm, and the ends of the melt down on the bead stringing. Crowding together in order not to get lost fishing line.

 Take the skewers, cut a length of 18 cm and 30 cm, hell stripes, which will cut the grooves. On the short stick in the middle, and at the end of retreating 8.5 cm and draw a segment equal to the thickness of the rod (about 5-6 mm).

Take a small handsaw and Scroll saw groove depth of 3-4 mm on each stick. Now connect the rod groove into the slot and glue. Put under the press (press down 2-3 books). Give dry.

Take a screwdriver, insert the tip of the drill 2 mm at the ends of short rods for drill holes. And on a long stick drill holes: the first – at the junction, the second – in front (on the shorter part of the) long sticks.

Step 3: Legs. Part 2.
Cut the fur is 15 cm long, 2 cm high office knife. Fur is from top to bottom.

 Now cut the fur 2 cm high and 10 cm long.

Sew each piece in half.

 The upper edge of the circle and contractible, but so that there was a small hole (to the feet climbed cords).

 Now the threaded holes in the foot-laces on the front side in the wrong. Good sew them to the fur.

 Foam shoes smeared with glue. Fur also recommend sizing. Now we take a lap in hand and put on to the top of the foam shoe, straighten, presses his fingers. And leave to dry.

Step 5. Assembly.
Take the long needle is inserted 50 cm line and pierces fur shoe in the middle from the bottom up, through the foam near the drawstring pull out the needle and pull until the bead comes into contact with the foam. The same thing with the second shoe.

 Take the cut from artificial leather circles and glue to shoe soles.

 Now attach the fishing line with beads of the body and head. Pierces the body from the bottom up through the middle. Also with his head.

Now we take a scaffold that holds the head insert hole in the front, from the bottom up, wrapped around the stick 1 time and again inserted into the hole, dripping a drop of glue and a toothpick stuck tightly to the fishing line is not rushed. Cropped toothpick so that it stuck out 7-8 mm above the stick.
The same thing we do with the body of an ostrich, but the line is stuck to the central hole, a drop of glue and a toothpick. Cropped toothpick so that it stuck out 7-8 mm above the stick.

Now his feet. Fishing line stuck his left foot into the left stick, and do turn again into the hole reducing up. Vstalyaem toothpick. Trim to 7-8 mm is stuck on a stick. We do the same with the other leg.
Important! When the stick toothpicks in the holes for the legs , glue, we do not prokleevaem holes . This is to make it easier to untangle his legs ostrich (children continually confuse them) simply pull a toothpick to straighten the line and re-fill the holes in the line. toothpick so that it stuck out 7-8 mm above the stick.

It remains to glue the eyes, the main sticking them to the level of the beak, but the width between the eyes can be chosen arbitrarily. Eyes directly on the fur.

Ostrich is ready!

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