How to Make a Ice Cream Stick House for Baby Doll

Many of us aspire to, to make toys for the children with their own hands.
Strictly speaking, it’s very simple. Only need to stock up on patience to allocate free time, as well as a hundred percent, use their imagination. This toy will be a child more expensive the purchase, because he watched every step of its creation, and older children can participate, or even do it yourself according to our instructions.

Required Material:

– box of yogurt or sour milk thoroughly washed and dried;
– Glue “Moment”;
– sticks of ice-cream;
– putty;
– paints;
– scissors;
– thread;
– beads;
– ribbons and so on.
So we have to carry out the following work steps:

Step 1. Gluing sticks

Take an empty box and cuts it with scissors three windows and one door.
Then take a stick and start to stick them to the outer walls of the box.

It turns out something like this.

Some sticks have to be cut because the distance of the window to get a little. Next, in the same way, you need to paste over the door, here such it will be.

Step 2. Primer

Now we do two important things: First, take the matches, glue them crosswise and attach to the windows. Secondly, we take a first coat (acrylic paint, or ordinary bar to correct inaccuracies in the text) and start to paint it white, our sticks.

It turns out something like this.

Then do the roof. To do this, glue sticks on top, wait until the glue is dry, and then paint them with white paint. That’s what we do.

Then, from the sticks, we do a kind of basis for our lodge.

It turns out a pretty white house.

Step 3. Prettification and decoration

Now it’s time to decorate our house. You can use ordinary ink: gouache or watercolor. Choose any favorite color and proceed to our work.

And then, when the paint dries, boldly take the hands off the hook, thread, beads, ribbons. We begin to glue them to our house. So we do our creation is simply unique.
See how the house was transformed!

And such a miracle, you can make your own hands, spending is about 3 hours time. At the same time, you get a finished toy for your child, as well as through contact with the world of beauty experience real aesthetic pleasure!
Go for it, you will succeed!

From sticks of ice cream, you can do a lot of interesting things.

courtesy: podelki-doma

How to create a basket of toys

basket of toys 1

I want to share with you the ideas of creating a good and original things for baby (and not only).
How often said my son, “Mom, make me something for the interior.”
So start with magic. For this basket, we need to: 1) material (fabric) -You can choose any, even improvised, but many, 4 meters and a width of 1.5. but you can do other, for example, I used the blue basket on terry sheets, a width of 2 * 2m and part of the blanket cover for the master class, I found fleece, very comfortable material – edges are not Mohr, dense, elastic and soft material! I recommend! 2) Eyelets 4 pieces and sets.ustroystvo for fixing them (usually sold complete them) 3) hammer for fastening eyelets 4) denim thread, scissors, a needle and pin 2. 5) patience Cart was made by me earlier, so the picture is different cloth color.
Make a detailed picture of what you tell.
Manufacturing process simple, only need to be patient) Getting cast)) 1) Material cut long strips the width of 10-15 cm. I was cutting about width 10cm, and gently stretching the resultant strip to the edge wrapped inside. If you want to cut all the material at once, and you have it long, then wound onto each strip in a separate tangle , for the convenience of further weaving.
2) further weave ordinary long braid of three strips, weave tight and at the end of anchoring pin to spit remained tight . Woven one long braid, sew the ends to her following the fabric strip and continue to weave in a tight braid) To further cross-linking of the basket, too long braid (right of all material) weave is not necessary because it can interfere with cross-linking of the product, enough 2 meters, and for sure will have a desire to change the process.
Spit did begin to sew!
As our grandmother used to sew for doors mats of braids, and we will.
THREAD took denim, but if not, you can double the normal to lay down, for the strength of cross-linking.
We go from the center of a circle (make the bottom of the basket), stitching edge pigtails. On the blue basket bottom diameter -30sm. Gossip bottom of your desired diameter, start to lift the braid on the sidewall.
To do this, when we sew braid adjustable bending arms, just bending it to the top and sew.
We obtain a smooth transition.
Then do sidewall When sewing the same braid is now in height.
The height course chooses you.
on a blue basket height 27cm.
Now the handle – the same pigtails
I took them to the eyelets, for beauty products.
Eyelets take these to plait tightly included in it (depending on the pigtails thickness)
Before installation of eyelets, in their places future installation, holes on the basket, in addition, stitched and cemented to braid not crawled.
install grommets, insert the pen and braids at the ends of tying them in a knot! Hooray! Shopping is ready!

How to make micron cotton toys

micron cotton toys 1

I remind you of what you and I have started to work. Our basis for ladies and dry we proceed to the formation of clothes.
Please do the bottom (skirt-dress), and her top dress coat.
Just want to clarify the main points of how I work with wool, which would then not be repeated. I form the necessary me the details of the dry wool, and then brush with glue (abundantly) Smooth to the base, at the same time, if you need a flat part is on the hand press, and if you need a bulk item, brush lightly touches wool (only for that would leave her glue).
Of wool strips, I form a semicircle and smooth brush to skirt basis. At the base of pressed and left on the edge of the volume. Such cylinders dialed as much as you want. The lower part of the cover with a piece of cotton wool and smooth, that would be the bottom of the toy so it was neat. The top coat, I plan to make the folds so I form them from dry and smooth wool brush with glue, while at the crease did not click, but I press on the sides of the brush, that would be visible pits folds. I do as much as I would like folds. Whatever wrinkles are not looked rough, put a plate on top of wool and smooth, pushing the brush only in the pits At the top of the reservoir and put a smooth, pushing the brush continued folds (remember that always brush glue) ven.
On the front of the coat do two rollers left and right and also smooth brush: press on the sides and in the center leave the volume, ie nano she glue and a brush are not pressed. Suspended on a rope -Let dry. Similarly, we are working with the second figure. Explanation of the same so followed by a photo without the text. The skirt folds. Just send out to dry. In the third all the same: only rolls and folds distribute differently. So you can think of many options combining the folds and ridges.

All the basics were sent to dry well and will continue to work tonight.

All good mood and success.

How to make beautiful bench for toys

bench for toys 1

work needs:
-fanera 6mm
-palochki for eating sushi
-Bamboo napkin
-kley “Moment”
-shkurka abrasive
-balonchik paint

I took a 6 mm plywood and painted just such a preform sidewall bench and cut her jigsaw, then mark a point for insertion of stiffeners and drill  – 4 holes.

Here’s what happened – but I know that you will bear with me and little Kosyachkov not notice …
Now is the time to remove all burrs and barbs – for that I took, abrasive sandpaper and grind workpiece edge.

The holes that I drilled – put rods of land, slightly eroded tips, pre-lubricated and sticks and holes glue “Moment”, who says it was necessary to take the PVA, but I got used to working with this adhesive.

It has turned out here is the base – is the glue is not frozen – it is necessary to equalize.

On the edge of the sidewall nano she again glue “Moment” and wait for 5-7 minutes.

And then I put a bamboo napkin and strongly pressed.

We need only look to the napkin is flat.
 And now we have to paint it – took the paint, I like balonchike, easy to apply, dries quickly, and color stable.
 That’s the end result – a bench for -zo lotis Togo color toys.
 And of course my new inhabitant Mishkin house