DIY Simple Way to Create a Secret Box

You can use this box with a secret, made ​​with their own hands, to hold different desired detail, and also as a gift or packaging for a gift.

For the manufacture of boxes with a secret you will need six sheets of paper, and preferably more dense. One sheet for the outer part of the box, the contrast for the cover sheet, and 4 for internal boxes. Cut as follows (all dimensions in inches – 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm)

  • The outer part of the box: 6 x 11;
  • Cover the box: 8.5 x 8.5;
  • 4 inner box: 8 x 8;

A method of making a box with a secret

We start production of boxes with 4 indoor boxes. They are all made by the same scheme. See more photos step by step manufacturing.

1. Draw on the reverse side of our paper square two lines from the corners to the corners.

Now we turn to the angle of intersection of the center lines on all four sides (like an envelope), and then unfold.

Next, divide the distance between the center and folded in half and then fold down the line on all four sides – a skirting of our boxes.

For clarity, the figure everything is lined marker, but do not necessarily.

Then cut out four shaded triangle and get the following:

Next, an incision on the arrows painted.

Now we assemble our box. All makes no glue, just need to press tight corners and bends (although, if you wish, you can use the glue).

So, does all 4 inner box and the lid. The cover of the box, however, as the box itself, you can decorate to your taste and desire.

Then we proceed to the assembly of our boxes with a secret.

Take a sheet of paper, the size of 15.25 x 287sm, and bend in the middle, then divide the two halves in half again and again go too. Thus, we have 4 rectangles, each of which will be located on the same box. They have our box as shown, and glue.

Once the glue is dry just pergibaem sheet with boxes on folds.

Our box with secret ready!

Here are some options boxes with secret.

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