Curtain Crystals – Step By Step

To separate a very large environment, serve as a door and even serve to cover that part of the wall that is damaged, in addition to its traditional function to “grace” the window, the curtain is a great and versatile element. And the crystal curtain is even more special, since it also has a very large and interesting aesthetic beauty.

Tips for Making a Crystal Curtain

To make this cheerful crystal curtain you will need: large and small colored beads; Large crystals and small transparent; Wooden stick; And nylon thread. That’s it! Remember that you can use other combinations of colors between beads and crystals, for a curtain with your style, unique and exclusive.

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Begin by calculating and cutting pieces of nylon yarn in the length necessary to make your curtain; But vary the wire lengths on a 2-cm scale between one wire or the other. But measure a piece of yarn left to tie in the wood. Then place a beads at one end and tie a knot to make the “beak” of the curtain. And if you want you can also put a bigger pendant on the tips, so your curtain gets even more differentiated.

Then continue putting on the beads, but always intercalating the colors and sizes of the beads and crystals, forming a very interesting sequence. And when you get to the end give a knot so the stones do not escape. And repeat the same process on each of the nylon strands until you reach enough yarn for your curtain to get the desired width. And to finish, arm your curtain, and for this pass the leftover of each wire by drilling the wooden stick and tie with a knot. And your curtain is ready!

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