DIY Paper Hand Fan Making Easy Tutorial

Beautiful idea of ​​creating paper hand fan with simple task of materials in order to access to all.

Required Material:

  • 2 sheets of paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers


A sheet folded in half vertically.

Cut along the fold line.

Both halves of the sheet are formed identically. Fold them in half …

More time in half …

Again half …

And the last time in half.

Expand …

And glue them by putting one on the other, to the fold line.

Razrisuy striped patterns, or any pattern on both sides.

Plant pattern & more …

Fold the strip of accordion in the planned folds.

The lower edge of the accordion glue, applying glue droplets in every crease.

From another paper sheet cut strip (about 2 cm) vertically.

Fold the remaining sheet in half … And cut it. Of the half of the sheet to make the fan holder. Fold edge, approximately 1 cm, and keep it folded, wrapping a strip to the end.

Glue the edge of the holder so that the paper does not unwind.

Fold the paper and mate.

Smear glue the cut edge of the strips of paper …

Wrap a strip of the base of the fan …

And seal the edge.

Spread the adhesive side of the fan …

And stick holder, without going to the bottom.

Veer ready.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: stranamasterov

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