Paper Embroidery Step By Step

For today’s paper embroidery project I have used a wine colored card stock paper with shimmer and a metallic gold thread to embroider on it. This embroidered piece of paper can be used to make beautiful holiday cards. Slightly shiny paper and metallic thread give a holiday effect to the card. It is definitely not a quick project, it took me almost 3 days to embroider a 6″x6″ piece of paper. But when I looked at my little masterpiece, it was a moment of pure joy!

Make it for someone dear, show them you care!


  1. Wine colored card stock paper with shimmer
  2. Metallic gold thread (You can use any embroidery floss)
  3. Needle
  4. Foam board
  5. Design pattern
  6. Adhesive tape, scissors


Cut a 6″x6″ square from wine card stock paper. You can cut any size you like.

Cut 2 squares of equal size from foam board Draw a pattern to be embroidered on a paper. You can find patterns online. A lot of holiday patterns are available for purchase on Etsy. Some designer craft papers also come with beautiful printed patterns.

Stack up a foam board square, wine card stock paper and another foam board square on the top. Place the paper with design pattern on the top of the stack. Make sure everything is aligned and use adhesive tape to secure everything in place. This makes a perfect piercing mat! Start piercing along the lines using a piercing tool or a needle. If you are using a needle, protect your fingers while piercing. Once the complete pattern is pierced, open the adhesive tape and separate the perfectly pierced cardstock paper. Hold it against the source of light to make sure you did not miss any part of design. Next, we need to stitch on the paper. There are several different ways to stitch on paper. I am not an expert in stitching, so I have used a very simple stitching method. Start by threading a strand of floss into the eye of a needle.
Insert the needle from the back of the card to the front and pull the thread through Skip next two holes and go down from the third hole.
Flip the paper. Go in the backward direction. Skip one hole and come up again from the next hole.
Go down through next open hole and repeat the previous step.
The tutorial video (posted above) might make it more clear
Here are some more pictures of embroidery in progress: Thank you for visiting! We really appreciate

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