How to weaving poultry from newspapers tubes

How to weaving poultry from newspapers tubes

We Need:
– newspaper tubes
– glue
– a thin wire beading
– egg (Dried)
– round cardboard Begin braiding poultry from newspapers
First, we need a round piece of cardboard – it will serve as a basis. We attach the tube to the newspaper cardboard base. Now take the usual plastic cup and begin to braid her Once we wove sufficient reason to divide the tube neck (6 pieces), wings (4 pieces) and tail (5 pieces). A little trick – to the neck and the tail of a bird have a smooth bend and easy to take shape, insert it into the newspaper tube wire.


Now we begin to slowly knit neck, wings, and tail

neck weaved and it is time to begin to weave your head. To head, we need an egg. Prepare the soil for him, for this start weaving a spiral

Upon reaching the desired diameter, put the egg and begins to braid a spiral braided

Netting birds completed. It remains to decorate our poultry from newspapers and put on the table!

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