DIY: Weaving Newspapers Basket

In the form of a square weave.

From the corners of the square (in the same direction, for example, right) lay off equal segments. (In! You can easily prove the Pythagorean theorem) I drew the line, they will be in the middle of the product. You can do without them.

Bend on the weaving lines. We get the corners, which can be connected in different ways.

I complied with contrasting lacing tube.
Inside turned square. On the two sides of which there are stanchions and two of his other hand, we substitute them.

Propelled two rows of rope and performed Bending.

Here is the network from the side. Fairly roomy. When the primer it is possible to make the more big bulge.

I took the handle because of the purpose of something like candy, for fruits.

How to weaving box for needlework

weaving box for needlework 1

To quickly learn how to weave, you can start with a simple, not all at once turns bedplate, so you can make the bottom of the cardboard

I took out of puff pastry, comfortable and not have to cut anything. The photo shows that we still need is a PVA glue, gofbumaga for children’s creativity (although it can be wall-paper and printed with a picture, someone like that). I cut out a circle of paper more, crumpling it and stuck. At the bottom mark the place where the circle will be glued to the tube, small stands. As you can see, I bend tubes with the letter P

Paste. It must be an odd number of racks

From above impose a second round – a bedplate. Prikleivaemi top put something heavy

Sorry not everyone get a clear picture, it is my 1 MK I do not like to be distracted when doing something. But in general it is clear.

While preparing dries same makarom cover only single duct. Top pasting listing liked pictures, and since I wanted to make a drawing volume, a bird and a sprig impose filler mixed with starch and leave to dry

Our bottom dried up, lift up the tube. Yes, get well soon, when pasted directly glued to the two ducts which will start to spin. Scourge usual pigtail

Another forgotten, small stands just paint over the black gouache

How many rows proplela two did not think then one tube cut and pasted, and then start to weave a simple rope through one rack

At the very top ranks of ten again two tubes

We reach the top, to the top was a dense, small stands kinked make oval and swing the same gofbumagoy with glue. Then weave the lid is applied on top of the cart, and as soon as she turns a little more, do Bending, one plant in small stands and other go too down, following again for another and go too (fuuu, something I have better hands than it turns to tell)

Then weave vertically desired height

And then again Bends one after another, and then in the opposite direction by making a loop and insert the end into the needle weaving helping yourself, hide, pasted and cut off the excess

On the cover is pasted a printout so that it coincided exactly. To this end, its top is varnished three times to dry and when immersed in water and then the back side of the paper roll off gently turned to semi-transparent image

Then everything is covered with white glue be mixed with black gouache

A picture paints acrylic paints. On top of the leaves for more likelihood drip super-glue Master, it freezes and turns transparent drops of dew

And finally the last. All lacquered, both inside and outside, and three times in the desired. I covered the furniture varnish “Rosewood”

It’s inside

It’s outside. Done

How to weaving poultry from newspapers tubes

weaving poultry from newspapers prepare 1

How to weaving poultry from newspapers tubes

We Need:
– newspaper tubes
– glue
– a thin wire beading
– egg (Dried)
– round cardboard Begin braiding poultry from newspapers
First, we need a round piece of cardboard – it will serve as a basis. We attach the tube to the newspaper cardboard base. Now take the usual plastic cup and begin to braid her Once we wove sufficient reason to divide the tube neck (6 pieces), wings (4 pieces) and tail (5 pieces). A little trick – to the neck and the tail of a bird have a smooth bend and easy to take shape, insert it into the newspaper tube wire.


Now we begin to slowly knit neck, wings, and tail

neck weaved and it is time to begin to weave your head. To head, we need an egg. Prepare the soil for him, for this start weaving a spiral

Upon reaching the desired diameter, put the egg and begins to braid a spiral braided

Netting birds completed. It remains to decorate our poultry from newspapers and put on the table!

DIY: Weaving basket with recycled Newspaper