How to make plates with a brocade effect – Step By Step

Required Material:
1. glass plates
2. napkin with an ornament
3. The rice paper
4. acrylic paint
5. The circuit on the glass
6. PVA glue
7. varnish

1. Put the napkin with an ornament between two glass plates.
2.  trace the pattern on the glass surface of the plate contour on the glass.

3. Paint one of the plates of blue acrylic paint on top of a dried-up circuit.

4. Second, ornamented silver contour plate papered blue rice paper.

5. grind the edge of a plate with fine sandpaper.

6.  Plate covered with acrylic paint, after drying, covered with three layers of lacquer.

7. A plate, decorated using rice paper, should also be covered with three layers of lacquer.

8.  Ready plates adorn the walls.

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