How to Make CD Mosaic Flower Pot

Brilliant DIY Ideas To Recycle Old CDs. Mosaic Flower Pots Recycled.

Required Material:
– CDs (3 or more pieces)

– scissors

– glue PVA (or superglue)

– plastic pot

– acrylic paint (or plain)
1. Cut the disks into pieces of different sizes and shapes.

2. Gradually apply the glue on the flower pot and start to stick the disc. Do not forget to leave a little space between the parts.

3. Continue paste until it will cover the intended part of the pot and leave to dry the glue.

4. Prepare the paint and start to put it in the gap between the pieces of discs. Try to keep all the lines were neat. When you have filled in all the gaps paint, leave it to dry. When the light will fall on the pot, it will “light up” where the sun rays are reflected.

courtesy: makeiteasycrafts

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