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RECYCLED Craft for World Environment Day

World Environment Day on the 5th of June, | Preschool Activities, crafts, lesson plans, coloring pages suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten. it’s the day organizations and individuals the world over raise awareness on various topics related to our environment. This year, the theme is ‘Seven billion dreams. One planet. Consume with care’. The focus is on making our general consumption intelligent, without harming the planet and leaving behind resources for future generations.

Here are list of creative Environment Day Crafts:

1. Environment Day special Earth Sign Craft (Tutorial)


  • Blue construction paper
  • Glue
  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Rocks
  • Flowers
  • Twigs

2. Let your little ones get in touch with the earth and search for natural materials to make these quaint little dragon flies.

Required Material:

  • small twig
  • 2 maple tree propeller seeds (dried out)
  • aqua colored paint (or choose a color of paint you would like to use)
  • glitter glue (color of your choice)
  • paintbrush
  • small black beads or stones
  • paper plate
  • tacky glue or glue gun (glue gun requires adult assistance)

3. You can’t celebrate environment day without keeping your surroundings clean!! Let this cute frog trash can help you; you can also use plastic canisters instead of milk jugs.

What you will need:

  • Empty Oatmeal Canister
  • Craft Foam
  • Matching Acrylic Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Pom Poms
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Glue, Sharpie Marker, Printer Paper, Yarn and Scissors

4. This gorgeous papier-mache globe requires just a balloon and lots of newspaper! A perfect way to remind us of the planet whose resources we’re using!

This activity is appropriate for: 1st – 4th grade / 6 – 10 years

You will need:

  • A round balloon
  • Recycled newspaper
  • Bowl of water-flour mixture (one part flour for two parts water) or use starch
  • Continent Outlines Template
  • Superbright Liquid Tempera Paint – 1 Gallon
  • All-Purpose Paintbrush Assortment – Set of 30
  • Washable Fine-Tip Markers – Class Pack

5. The best kind of music is the natural kind! Caress the wind with this one-of-its-kind recycled key wind chime.

You’ll need:

  • at least 5 old keys
  • a piece of drift wood or stick
  • string or fishing line
  • optional: acrylic paint

6. You won’t believe that this gorgeous flower arrangement is made out of nothing but egg cartons and paint! Recycling was never so pretty!

Raid your recyclables to create these six fun kids crafts made of paper towel rolls, egg cartons, recycled cereal boxes, and empty plastic bottles.

7. Spring Flower Pot Pudding Pie Dessert Embrace the flower power of  World Environment Day


  • 6 Ripe Has Avocados
  • 3/4 cup of cocoa powder
  • 6 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoon of coconut milk
  • 2 cups of chocolate graham crackers

8. On World Environment Day, Mr. Potato Head dresses up as Mr. Recycle Head, and he looks great!! Repurpose an old can and other craft supplies to make this little guy!

Spread the fun out a little bit.

9. DIY Tissue Tree Craft for Environment Day

In honor of Environment Day, we are “branching out” and making a tissue paper tree. We came across Projects for Preschoolers post and just loved the idea.

Supplies you need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Cardboard tube
  • Glue
  • Single piece of paper as background

10. Who knew that you can turn rocks, yes plain rocks, into something as cute as these painted rock lady bugs! Just be sure to get smooth rocks to be safe.

You’ll need:

  • smooth round rocks
  • red paint
  • black paint or a permanent black marker
  • jiggly eyes
  • tacky glue

11. If you’ve got lots of little toys floating around but your kids don’t want to throw them away, here’s an idea – save them from the landfills and make a toy wreath!


  • 18” wire wreath
  • truckload of small toys
  • hot glue gun
  • 5 or so glue sticks
  • heavy duty wire
  • strips of fabric

12. How they are going to change the world for the better.

You’ll Need:
  • 2 sheets of paper per child
  • blue and green paint
  • red glitter glue
  • a pencil
  • marker
  • scissors

13. Inspire your children to plant a tree in honor of Earth Day with this free printable kit!

You could use Non Toxic, V.O.C. Free Acrylic Paints For Kids from Nature of Art for Kids!

You’ll need:

  • White T-shirt
  • Acrylic paint

14. If you’re replaced your plain bulbs with CFL ones, don’t throw them away yet! Use them to make these super cute recycled hot air balloons! Be careful though, and be with your child throughout.

15. How to Help Save the Environment

How to Help Save the Environment. Taking steps to conserve and reuse is easier than you might think. You can do your part just by changing your daily habits. To help save the environment, try decreasing energy and water consumption.

Hope you like these environmental day craft ideas & tutorials.

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How to make feathered carnival mask

I propose to you today a DIY very easy to realize with your children, a mask bird colorful paper.

To realize it, you will need three times nothing:
A colored cardboard plate
Thick color paper
A decorated paper straw
A large round hole punch (3.3 cm diameter)

Cut the cardboard plate into two equal parts so as to form the base of the mask.

Using a hole punch, make two round holes at eye level.

To make the feathers of the mask, use the template, place it on a sheet of colored paper and fold in half.

Make notches along the feather using scissors.

Glue the beak and paper feathers to the base.

Finish the decoration of the mask with sticks and fix the straw on the back of the mask.

Happy holidays with your kids and good carnival!

courtesy: madame-citron

DIY Multicolored Paper Peacock

An interesting DIY Paper Craft Project can consist a wide variety of easy Do It Yourself Paper Craft Ideas for you to make at home. This Step by step tutorial with instructions on how to make Multicolored Paper Peacock for Home Decor project is something, that you must watch in order to ensure, you make this wonderful paper craft idea in an easy and systematic way. Peacock design paper craft ideas are always searched for by avid crafters.

Capture the sheer majestic presence of the beautiful peacock by making it as an awesome and easy paper craft idea.Being a fun art and craft activity for kids, you can also make this Multicolored paper peacock for kid’s school projects.Use this amazing Multicolored Paper Peacock as a creative handmade home decoration Idea for your home.

Come! let us learn how to make the pretty Multicolored Paper Peacock.

Step 1: Required Material
The basic craft supplies that you need to make the multicolored peacock are as follows:
  • Color papers
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Craft glue
  • Scale
  • Quilling Strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Pencil
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Thin Cardboard
  • Colors
  • Black sketch pen
  • Styrofoam/Thermocol Balls
  • Earbud
  • Decorative Stones
  • Glitter
Step 2: Make the Base

Make the base of the craft by drawing the shape of the body, neck and the beak of the peacock, on a thick cardboard and make two similar cut outs like this.

Paste and join the two cardboard cut out together with glue gun.

Cut thin cardboard strips and cover the gap remaining between the two bodies of the Peacock.

Make 2 blue paper cut outs of the same measurement as that of the cardboard.

Cover the bodies of the peacock with blue color paper.

Step 3: Build Your Craft

Cut out a semicircle measuring 28 cm in diameter, from the thin cardboard.

Cut out square shaped pink color papers measuring 5 cm x 5 cm and make multiple cones with them.

Paste them on the edge of the semicircle, with craft glue, to form the first layer of the peacock feathers.

Add a layer of blue paper cones after the pink one in the peacock feathers.

Keep adding different colors of paper cones to brighten up your peacock!

Keep a small space, blank, in the center.

Step 4: Add Creativity to Your Craft

Make paper cones in 5 different colored layers.

Now take the cardboard body of the peacock and make a slit using cutter.

Insert the paper cones semi circle in the slit and ensure it is firmly fixed.

Paste and join two different colored quillings trips and make tear drop shaped coils with them.

Step 5: Decorate Your Craft

Cut styrofoam balls in half and paste them on the peacock’s body and the remaining space in the semicircle.

Color the beak and draw the eyes using black sketch pen and line the neck of the peacock using decorative pearls.

Paint both the ends of a few earbuds and cut the stick in the center.

Paste them on the peacock’s head to form the crest.

Add some glitter to the earbuds to be used as the crest.

Step 6: Your Craft Is Ready

Within no time and a few basic steps of easy paper craft ideas, you have a beautiful DIY Multicolored Paper peacock ready to adorn the room decor of your living room. This pretty looking colorful Peacock design Craft idea for Home Decorations is one such cool craft that can bring an instant energy to your otherwise boring looking Home Decor.

Courtesy: StylEnrich

Different types of frocks designs for kids

In this fashion world, Frock design is growing day by day and all the people are getting its effect. It is true that human mind has been vulnerable to changes so fashion is also not permanent it remain changes. The Beautiful collection of frock designs for girls has been introduced by different famous designers. As every woman is waiting for new clothes for decorating her wardrobe so she should be ready to go market because all these dresses are available in leading stores. This time the leading designers are showing some experimental rock styles so that you can try a different and unique thing to make your personality stylish.


Summary: Plasticine. Crafts and molding of the clay. Plasticine play doh. Plasticine figures. What more can be made of Plasticine. Pictures of Plasticine. Clay, crafts photo.

In this article, we will tell you about all kinds of handicrafts made of clay and plasticine games for children. For convenience we have divided it into two parts:

1. In the first part of this article we will talk about the games and crafts made of soft clay. It is also called the dough for sculpting clay or Play doh. Modeling Dough is suitable to work with children from 1 year. It is very soft, plastic, pleasant to the touch, does not stick to hands. However, clay Play doh (dough molding) is not suitable for making clay figures, because parts of it poorly fastened together.

2. In the second part we will tell about the distributions of ordinary clay, which are difficult to crumple, but better stick. From it you can create complex figures.

As we have already mentioned, start familiarizing young children with the molding of the clay can have a year, but offer them no ordinary clay and dough for sculpting. Older children will also be interesting and useful to play with this stuff.

Here are some interesting ideas DIY Plasticine play doh and games with him:

Sculpt out of clay. Playing with Plasticine “Fingerprints”

Modeling Dough is ideal to make it prints all sorts of objects. Just roll the clay with a rolling pin and experiment.

Learn to do simple prints, you can try to create from them some paintings on clay or Plasticine.

The next time you go with your child for a walk in the forest or the park, bring with them different leaves (better to take the leaves thicker, with larger veins) and went home, took the unusual prints on plasticine. Simply attach the sheet rear side (this is the side where the veins stand out more strongly) to the dough for sculpting, top roll it with a rolling pin, then gently remove the leaf.

You can mix several colors, such as yellow and red, yellow and orange, and then you will get a cool autumn leaves.

link >>>>

Another interesting artifact from clay – to make a print lace on it, and then cut out of this clay “lacy” figures.

link >>>>

Continuing the theme of modeling clay …. On sale you can find sets for children’s creativity with Plasticine play doh.

They include, typically, different molds for the test. These molds can make imprints on Plasticine or cut from it figures.

Even in such kits Plasticine play doh includes special adaptations for making curved pasta.

and rolling pin with different texture.

By the way, if you own a home glue gun, you can make such a rolling pin themselves. To do this, pick up any items of cylindrical shape, draw on them with a permanent marker patterns, then apply to these circuits glue gun. When the glue is dry, you can roll out the dough for sculpting these homemade devices, leaving a beautiful patterns.

link >>>>

Among the sets for children’s creativity with plasticine play doh, which we mentioned above, I want to highlight two – a “hamburger” and “Ice Cream Factory”. With their help, the child will be able to cook a meal for plasticine dolls, and this is a very exciting experience.

About cooking food toy of plasticine would like to talk separately ….

That can be molded from clay. Food toy from clay.

Soft dough for sculpting clay and play doh simply created for the preparation of the toy food. All kinds of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, pasta, etc. It can be molded from this clay. Just as learning to roll the balls and sausages child not interested in another matter, if it’s not balls and berries cake decorating or sausage for the dolls. Plasticine it serves food props for the games in the store or cafe, will treat the guests who came to the dolls. Dividing the cake into equal pieces for dolls, the child will get an idea of ​​fractions and division, and comparing the number of guests, toys and cakes Practice account.

By the way, do not throw away the box of chocolates, they can put the clay, you get a sweet treat for toys.

Lessons from plasticine. That the blind man from clay. Pictures of plasticine.

Proceed to the next type of handicrafts made of clay – pictures of plasticine. From clay to sculpt, not only they can draw pictures. More about plasticine drawing technique, see the following link >>>>

If a child is already big enough, his ability to sculpt from plasticine picture completely (as in the photo above). The kid will have to help. Make it in advance of the workpiece. Draw or paste made of colored paper: apple tree without apples, Christmas trees without Christmas balls, mushroom without white spots, ladybug without black tochechek etc.The child will have to roll himself balls or sausages made of plasticine and supplement them your workpiece. You can make the blank with your child. If you plan to use them repeatedly, the pre Laminate sheets.

The site you will find a large number of forms for molding of the plate with the kids. Select and print on thick paper form you like. Read the instructions on the form. According to the instruction the child must roll plasticine balls or sausages particular color and to add their picture shown on the form.

Games plasticine. Sculpt from plasticine

For older children, too, can make blanks for molding of Plasticine. In the game with plasticine would be useful to make educational, developmental element: not just put dots on the back at a ladybug, and a certain number of them, for example, eight.

Another of the clay to sculpt letters spread geometric shapes.

Crafts from clay. Molded from clay for children

Another interesting type of handicrafts made of clay and natural materials – a mosaic of cereals, seeds and pasta on plasticine. Apply a layer of clay on a cardboard sheet and create.

link >>>>

If the stick round clay jar or bottle, and then decorate it with plant seeds, you get a very nice vase, made with his own hands. We recommend that you read the article on our website , “How to make a bowl with his hands”.

Kids Playdough Ideas for Everyday Creativity

A make and do scavenger hunt for kids

A Forest Diorama on Our Kitchen Table

Playdough follow-up: feathers and googly eyes

Playdough Monsters (And Other Fun Ideas with Poke-Ins)

Hope you like these tutorials.

20+ Easy DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas

I have an unhealthy obsession with toilet paper roll crafts. Friends and family even collect toilet paper rolls for me so I can make more crafts with them! I like them because, well, pretty much everyone has access to toilet paper rolls. With that said, you’ll want to start collecting (or hoarding) toilet paper rolls after you see these incredible DIY toilet paper rolls crafts.

Spring Crafts: How to make a ladybug with their hands

Spring crafts. Articles made of paper ladybug. How to make a ladybug. Spring crafts kindergarten. Spring crafts from clay. Spring crafts from salted dough.

Ladybug poem:

“Ladybug, fly to the sky
Bring us bread,
black, white,
only not burnt.”

She listened attentively, and we threw it to the sky.
A continuation of the poem is:

Fly to the sky –
I’ll give you bread!
Fly to the sky,
They are your kids
Kushan candy –
All for one,
And you no!”

In this article, we gathered the spring crafts on “Ladybirds with their own hands.” We invite you to make these cute insects from paper to sculpt out of clay or salt dough and even mini sandwiches prepared in the form of ladybirds. We hope that our crafts will give you the spring, sunny mood!

1. Spring crafts out of paper

We offer you a spring crafts origami – ladybird paper. You will need a square sheet of red paper. Fold it as shown in the picture below, cut with scissors sharp corners black pencil or marker Doris ladybug missing parts. Articles made of paper ladybug ladybug is ready!

You can make three-dimensional applique with ladybirds in the photo below from the paper circles.

For the manufacture of a ladybug, you will need three circles. Each circle should be folded in half, and then glue them together flanks.

2. Crafts on spring – Kids crafts spring

See what kind of an interesting application on the topic spring can be made with the children of colored paper. It is very simple to manufacture spring hack for children.

3. Crafts spring has come. How to make a ladybug:

Another spring crafts out of paper-

Download and print the scheme crafts out of paper on the link >>>> Cut and glue according to the instructions. This spring crafts out of paper just seems complicated. In fact, it makes it easy and fast.

4. Spring crafts from clay – Spring crafts from salted dough

Moving from spring craft paper for the spring Crafts from clay and salt dough. Even a very small child under the supervision of an adult mentor can dazzle ladybird from plasticine or salt dough. The link you will find detailed instructions on making this spring crafts with their hands >>>>

5. Spring crafts kindergarten – Spring crafts for kindergarten

If you have a home remained flat stones since last summer, it is possible to paint them with paint, and you will turn out cute crafts ladybugs.

On the other interesting artefacts from the stones can be found in the article “Living Stones” >>>>

6. Crafts Spring. How to make a ladybug

spring hack – the ladybug imprint of children’s feet.

7. Spring crafts for kids. How to make a ladybug from tomatoes

Cook with your child edible crafts – mini sandwiches “Ladybugs”. To do this, first spread a soft cheese on crackers.Now take the cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and pomidorinku of these halves make wings ladybirds. Olives (pitted) make insect head and dots on the back. Decorate all the greens. It turned out tasty, useful, beautiful, spring dish.

8. Developing games for children. Education account

Cards in Mathematics for preschoolers with numbers from 1 to 20.

Download cards in mathematics can be on the links:
link 1 >>>>
link 2 >>>>

9. Spring crafts

Original decoration for pots of potted flowers can be made from plastic spoons. For this spring crafts you will also need: acrylic paints, doll eyes, glue or glue gun on cardboard or heavy paper green.

Hope you like these spring craft ideas and tutorials.

DIY Cute and Colorful Tutti Frutti Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Today I’m sharing my newest party theme for I party I designed for my middle daughter who just turned 5! I always let all my kids pick their own party theme; though I will admit that I may steer them away from commercially licensed themes. When we were brainstorming themes for her party, she came up with fruit because orange is her current color obsession. From there, her Tutti Frutti birthday party was born!

I had a blast designing these tutti frutti kawaii-inspired invitations, and I just made them.

To welcome our guests, I also designed this “Let’s Go Bananas!” welcome sign to hang on our front door.

My favorite area of the party was definitely the party tables. I spied the fruity tablecloths last summer on clearance, which I knew would be the perfect table covering. I then purchased different fruit slice paper plates and cups.

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl standing in front of her cake table! I scored her fruit slice dress on eBay, and it matched perfectly!

Next up, the cake! Can you believe the cuteness that is going on here? At every party, everyone asks me, “Who does your cakes?” I’m spilling the beans right here, folks!

The most beautiful paper goods and made this layered and glittery fruit banner, as well as the fruit pieces on all the chair backs of the kids’ chairs. Her handiwork is truly divine!

Here’s another look at the dining tables—my favorite part of the party!

These fruit slice balloons provided some definite eye candy when you walked in the door and were the perfect table centerpieces for the dining and buffet tables.

I created this “Orange You Hungry? Let’s Eat!” sign for the food buffet table using the same cute kawaii fruit graphics from the invitation.

I found the perfect pineapple drink containers and filled them with mango lemonade—the perfect fruity drink for a tutti frutti party!

As an activity for the kids, I set up a play fruit stand area outside on our back deck. I had all kinds of play fruit, shopping bags, cash register, scale, shopping carts, play money, etc. I displayed this “Welcome to the Fruit Stand” sign on a tabletop at fruit stand. The kids all had an absolute blast shopping and selling fruit to each other!

For the party favors, I found plush kawaii-inspired pineapples. I placed them inside berry boxes and added someprintable tags featuring different fruits and matching slogans.

I hope you’ve been inspired by some of the tutti frutti birthday party ideas! It’s a party theme that just makes everyone feel happy, inside and out!

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: projectnursery

Little Red Riding Baby Boots Pattern Tutorial

The free pattern today is a sweet little pair of boots. Because every baby needs some boots. This style is simple and clean and could easily work for a baby boy or girl.I just love boots on babies especially young babies because they stay on better when there is something wrapped around the ankle.

They are soft and comfy with a strap and snap closure.

The button is just for looks but you know I love a button 🙂
It includes 0-3m 3-6m and 6-12m

Cut out your pieces. You will need 4 soles (2 reversed so you have a right and left foot) I used pleather for the outside sole since I think it holds up a little better. Then 4 toe pieces two outer and two lining, 4 Heel pieces two outer two lining, and 4 straps 2 for each shoe.

Start with the straps. Sew two right side together along the sides and curve. Then turn right side out and top stitch. Repeat with both straps.

Next for the toe pieces. Sew one lining and one outer piece right sides together along the grey dotted line. Clip the corners and the curve.

Turn it right side out and top stitch. Repeat with both toe pieces so you have two.

Next for the heels place the strap down near the top of the curved edge and have the raw sides together. Then place the lining right sides together, sew along the sides and top.

Clip the corners and curve then turn the heel right side out. You want two heel pieces like this but you want them to be reversed so the straps are opposite each other.

Then pin the heel in place to the soles (which should be wrong sides together) Sew the heel in place.

Then add the toe piece to the front. Sew in place. Clip all the curves on the sole.

Then turn the boot right side out and add a snap to the strap and side of the boot. Sew on a button for decoration and you are good to go.

Now you have some adorable little boots to keep those little toes warm.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: shwinandshwin