Shabby Chic Pearl Flower Video Tutorials

Shabby Chic Pearl Flower Video Tutorials: In this video tutorial, you can see how easy it is to make beautiful jewelry from beads in the style of Shabby Chic.

This lesson focuses on the creation of color x-cotton fabric

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How to make crepe paper flower

Carte Fini floral crepe paper in desired colors (about a quarter roll per flower), hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors and a circular base plate. The base plate can either be cut from cardboard or from the end of a paper mache balloon. Paper mache is my preference as it is stiffer and I have tons of it around left over from these. You will also need felt to line the bottom of the base, and fabric covered elastic headbands which you can find at the drug store.

My favorite colors for dahlias and marigolds (shown here from top to bottom): 548, 584, 572, 576/9 and 574).
Begin by preparing your base. If using cardboard, cut out a 3 1/2″ diameter circle, cut a slit to the center as shown below, and overlap the cut edges, gluing to secure. This creates a concave side that will contour nicely to your head.

Or as I mentioned above, you can use the end of a paper mâché balloon. Cover any holes with crepe paper (stretch the paper out and coat well with glue). Find the center point, or peak, of the end of the balloon shape and measure down 1 3/4″ from that point all the way around, so that you end up cutting out a convex disk about 3 1/2″ in diameter.

Cover all inside and outside surfaces of the base with (stretched) crepe paper, making sure there is glue on much of the paper. After both sides are covered with paper, glue a strip of paper around the rim to finish it.

Now you’re ready to start the center of the dahlia. Cut a strip of paper about 2 1/2″ wide by 1″ tall. Fold the strip over on itself twice, then cut wedges out of the sides of the strip as shown so you are left with four attached triangles.

DIY Chiffon Fabric Peony Flowers Video tutorial

Increasingly, hair ornaments girls use flowers. But the life of a flower is short-lived and probably would be mad extravagance to buy flowers to decorate for a day. Try on the fashion trend as possible and more accessible way. We offer you a simple method of making a color from the fabric by hand. We do not need special equipment to do so.

To create a flower chiffon material required:

  • chiffon;
  • needle and thread;
  • a pair of scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • petals sketch
  • a marker for tissue;
  • a piece of foam.

Fold Chiffon eight additions, anchoring pins at the edges. Then the cut cardboard blank (pitch). Further, the pitch at encircle tissue specific marker, which is easily washed off with water. Once all the petals carved, decomposed advise of size. To make the edges of the petals rounded, treat each over a candle. After starting to collect the flower. Now what we need and foam, it will act as a holder for needles, on which we will string all the petals from a larger to a smaller size. Once all the petals are used, it is necessary to fix the thread. As a result, we get a flower similar to the living tissue of the peony.
The woman is transformed on the background of flowers! And no matter how you will use: in a bouquet, a brooch on the chest or in the form of hairpins.

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Handmade Felt Trees from Template

Here are some creative handmade felt trees for you to enjoy. They are from the Etsy shop Intres. I am always amazed by the creative minds and skillful hands to make something ordinary (such as felt) become extraordinary. These felt trees are so beautiful and definitely pieces of art! They come in different colors and shapes (both the trees and the leaves), sometimes decorated with cute felt animals, fruits and other ornaments. With their bright colors and unique designs, these amazing felt trees are definitely nice decors for you home!
Of course, they take a lot of time and patience to make, but they give you an idea of the different kinds of creative felt trees Intres has made. You can always try making the most basic ones with templates. Take these ideas further and you can create your own designs.
Here are the things you may need:

  • Felt;
  • Templates;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Scissors;
  • Polyester fillings;
  • Ornaments (optional).

How to make party look hairbands

It turns out that decorate the rim of ribbon and flowers, a very simple and easy. Flowers to decorate the rim, you can buy ready-made or link, such as a hook. The main thing is to have the stem buds, which is fixed on the rim tape.

Also need to decorate the rim itself bezel, thin ribbon, glue and scissors. And, of course, the desire to ochemelymi

Required Material:

  •  narrow plastic headband (smooth and without teeth)
  •  mulberry paper flowers – flowers on wire are easier to use than on thread.  The headband shown used about 55 flowers.
  •  1/16 or 1/8 inch satin ribbon
  • E6000 glue
  • scissors

Put on the headband, measure where you would like the flowers to be.  You won’t want them in the section that tucks behind your ear.  This may also be affected by the way you style your hair.

Cut the ribbon end at a 45 degree angle.

 Glue the ribbon end on the back of the headband, let it set up for at least 15 minutes.  You want it to be in a position to start wrapping around the headband as close to the end as possible.  If you’re using a single sided satin ribbon be sure the pretty side is out.  Start wrapping the ribbon around the headband, overlapping it slightly and gluing it on the back of the headband, until the point you’ve decided to start your flowers.  Again give this some time to set up.  Make sure that every wrap of ribbon is glued in place.  You may be experiencing some web-like glue stands, try to minimize them as much as possible and you can clean off whatever is left when you finish the headband.  Prepare your flowers by bending the wire at a 90 degree angle to the front of the flower.  This is so that the flower will face up when the stem is tucked under ribbon.  Place a flower on top of the ribbon that’s already wrapped with the stem on the unwrapped part of the headband.  You can use a bit of glue to hold it if you need to.  Wrap the ribbon around the stem, and glue it on the back.  If you’re using 1/16” ribbon you’ll need to wrap it one or two more times, if you’re using 1/8” ribbon you probably won’t.  Add another flower, wrap again.  You might need a flower for every wrap, or more flowers/wraps depending on the materials you are working with and how densely packed you want the flowers to be.  Continue placing flowers and wrapping until you get to the point at the other end of the headband where you want the flowers to end.  Wrap the ribbon the rest of the way, continuing to glue it in place on the back of the headband, until you get to the end.  Cut the ribbon and firmly glue the end of the ribbon on the back of the headband. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.  E6000 glues ribbon to plastic, it will do an even better job of gluing things to your hair.


How to Make a Origami Kusudama Flower

Today, we are showing how to make a origami kusudama flowers to create a very special centerpiece.

Required Materials:
  • Coloured or origami paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Wooden brochette skewers
  • Glue

1. Cut paper making squares of 10 cm.
2. Fold squares diagonally.
3. Fold as shown in step 3 and 4 to make a square again.
4. Follow step 5 and 6 to make a figure as shown in the picture.
5. Follow steps 7,8 and 9 until you get to the figure shown in step 10.
6. Fold upper triangle on each side of the figure and tuck them well into the folds of paper, as shown in steps 11 and 12.
7 Now it’s time to fold again inwards, followin steps 13 and 14
8. Stick a little piece of double sided tape on one end and join it to the other. You will get a petal.
9. Do last instructions again 5 times and stick all petals together to make a flower.
10. Stick flower to a wooden brochette skewer and you’re done!

For leafs:
I used 2 mm wide strips, 2 shades of green for each leaf (120gsm combined with 80gsm). You will need very long paper strips, 40cm up to 80 cm, so glue 2-3 strips together before you start to weave them around the pins.
This quilling technique is called “husking”. Insert your first pin into the cork board and secure the paper strips by making a tiny loop. Insert the next pin and bring the paper strips around it, making sure to always add glue at the base of your first pin every time you come back to that point. Repeat the process until the desired grass leaf length is achieved.

DIY Ribbon flower with beads

DIY Ribbon flower with beads / grosgrain flowers with beads tutorial: This is an art and craft idea that makes for an absolute Quick and simple DIY Project. That you can use in a variety of ways. These DIY Ribbon flower with beads are an awesome idea that make for an awesome Gift Wrapping Project and also appropriate for your DIY Sewing Projects.

There is absolutely no need for any craft supplies that you need especially to make these fabulous DIY Ribbon Flowers. Just a few Satin Ribbons in different colors!

You can watch the complete video tutorial here:

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Beautiful beaded gerbera flower

Make a beautiful beaded gerbera flower: In this tutorial I have tried to show how to make a beaded gerbera flower. Flower made with beads – tutorial handmade beading a gerbera flower. 

Gerbera-a flower that is deservedly popular. His big, beautiful and bright colors attract attention. Plaiting single flower beads you will need approximately: 15 gr pink beads 10 grams of dark pink beads 3 grams of green beads a little dark cherry or dark purple bead wire, monofilament fishing line or a hard core, crepe paper and PVA glue. The calculation of the number of material produced for the Czech beads small number 11. PETAL Cut 50 cm wire. Dial the wire 3 dark pink beads and place them in the middle. Dial one end of the wire 5 more beads and thread them through the other end of the wire to meet. Continue further weaving scheme according to the petal. To fabricate flower petals 20-25 (in gerbera on the photo tab 21). Connect all each other, letting the ends of the wire between the last rows of adjacent lobes (photos 2-3). lobe diagram 1.

Cut 2 pieces of wire 10-15 cm, connect them together in a central point, the ends of the wire, spread to the sides, forming a cross (the axis midway). Nanizhite 11 cm dark cherry (dark purple) Bead for midway. Secure the end with low beads in the center of the connection wire segments. Lower bead wrap around each of the axes 4, having between them two beads in each row. Continue in this manner to perform rounded arc between the axles in each row increasing the number of beads, until you make the middle of a diameter of 4 cm. (Photo 4-6) The first 4 rows of beads, perform dark cherry (dark purple) color, strung on a dark pink beads (low 55-60 cm). 1. LOWER
lower part of the flower is configured similarly to the middle, using beads green. For its weaving require low around 70 cm. In the first row, use 3-4 beads to the center of the bottom of the hole to get a small (7 photos when I spun the first flower, it is in the photo, the hole did not and then had some work to do ). The diameter of the lower part of do a little more midway. 1. ASSEMBLY
ends of the wire to connect the petals gently, 2-3 coils wound one of them all the rest (photo, trying to create a perfect circle of petals. Skip bunched ends of the wire through the hole in the lower part of the flower (photo 9) and is connected by wire or transparent line (and line connection will be imperceptible). On top of this will look like in the photo 10. 1. Attach the middle of a gerbera and carefully attach it with twine. Attach the flower on the hard rod tightly strapped to his ends of the wire from the petals (photo 11). Cut the crepe paper strips 1-1.5 cm. Spread glue and wrap the rod of his crepe paper, starting from the top (photo 12). To stem is smooth, you can wrap the rod twice. When the stem is all wrapped


Today I’m going to show you how to make Paper Carnations.  Paper Carnations can be used for many things…. Valentine’s Day, for example.  Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks.  These carnations would be beautiful in a bouquet as a gift for your someone special.  Or, for Mother’s Day…. what mother wouldn’t love receiving a bouquet of hand made paper carnations from their child?   They would certainly love it.  Or, just make these Paper Carnations any day of the week to give to someone special as a surprise.  No one could resist them!  So, let’s get started.

Required Material-

  • Tissue papers (the one used for wrapping presents)
  • Pipe cleaners/fuzzy wires
  • Scissors


Fold tissue paper into portions, enough to make 3 to 4-inch circles.


Stack 7-10 pieces of circles and by folding it, make two small slits in the middle. This is where you slip in the tip of the pipe cleaner, then fold it to lock it in place.


Starting in the middle, gently fold the paper up, until all the side are pulled upwards.  Continue doing the same for the other papers underneath.


When all the papers are up, gently arrange it to form blooming petals of your carnation flowers.


Make a bunch of these flowers and you can place it a flower vase for a more attractive look.

Or better yet, make a bouquet of carnation flowers and give it to somebody for Valentine’s Day.  They are sure to love it.  How did your carnation flowers turn out?  Let me know in the comments below.

DIY: Crocuses corrugated paper

Crocuses corrugated paper 1

You will need:

  • corrugated paper green (for stems and leaves), yellow (for stamens) and several colors
  • sticks or skewers for canapes (for stems)
  • PVA glue
  • scissors
  • thin wire
  • small vessel under a bunch

How do crocus paper?

  1. Cut rectangles of corrugated paper of any color in the size 8×4 cm. The paper is positioned in such a way that a longitudinal relief was held on the short side. Fold each rectangle in the “accordion” and cut 6 symmetrical petals. Gently curl the edge of each of the petals on a thin stick (eg toothpick).

2. Cut small squares of yellow, cut fringe on them, before reaching the edge of about a quarter of the size.
3. We turn off the item in a tube, tighter curl each narrow strip of fringe – it will flower stamens, dipped them in glue.
4. Winding-serdtsevinki stamens of the flower petals, superimposing them and gradually consolidating each subsequent adhesive tab.
5. Insert the skewer, fixing the petals on a stick with a piece of wire.
6. Wrapped with ribbon stalk, chopped of green crepe paper.
7. Cut pointy parts for leaves. To make bulk leaflets lightly wrap the edge of the perimeter.
8. Imposing leaves at each other, glue on each stem leaves 3-5.
Our MC for the crocuses used corrugated paper in different shades of blue, but you can use paper of different colors.