Beautiful beaded gerbera flower

Make a beautiful beaded gerbera flower: In this tutorial I have tried to show how to make a beaded gerbera flower. Flower made with beads – tutorial handmade beading a gerbera flower. 

Gerbera-a flower that is deservedly popular. His big, beautiful and bright colors attract attention. Plaiting single flower beads you will need approximately: 15 gr pink beads 10 grams of dark pink beads 3 grams of green beads a little dark cherry or dark purple bead wire, monofilament fishing line or a hard core, crepe paper and PVA glue. The calculation of the number of material produced for the Czech beads small number 11. PETAL Cut 50 cm wire. Dial the wire 3 dark pink beads and place them in the middle. Dial one end of the wire 5 more beads and thread them through the other end of the wire to meet. Continue further weaving scheme according to the petal. To fabricate flower petals 20-25 (in gerbera on the photo tab 21). Connect all each other, letting the ends of the wire between the last rows of adjacent lobes (photos 2-3). lobe diagram 1.

Cut 2 pieces of wire 10-15 cm, connect them together in a central point, the ends of the wire, spread to the sides, forming a cross (the axis midway). Nanizhite 11 cm dark cherry (dark purple) Bead for midway. Secure the end with low beads in the center of the connection wire segments. Lower bead wrap around each of the axes 4, having between them two beads in each row. Continue in this manner to perform rounded arc between the axles in each row increasing the number of beads, until you make the middle of a diameter of 4 cm. (Photo 4-6) The first 4 rows of beads, perform dark cherry (dark purple) color, strung on a dark pink beads (low 55-60 cm). 1.

lower part of the flower is configured similarly to the middle, using beads green. For its weaving require low around 70 cm. In the first row, use 3-4 beads to the center of the bottom of the hole to get a small (7 photos when I spun the first flower, it is in the photo, the hole did not and then had some work to do ). The diameter of the lower part of do a little more midway. 1. ASSEMBLY
ends of the wire to connect the petals gently, 2-3 coils wound one of them all the rest (photo, trying to create a perfect circle of petals. Skip bunched ends of the wire through the hole in the lower part of the flower (photo 9) and is connected by wire or transparent line (and line connection will be imperceptible). On top of this will look like in the photo 10. 1. Attach the middle of a gerbera and carefully attach it with twine. Attach the flower on the hard rod tightly strapped to his ends of the wire from the petals (photo 11). Cut the crepe paper strips 1-1.5 cm. Spread glue and wrap the rod of his crepe paper, starting from the top (photo 12). To stem is smooth, you can wrap the rod twice. When the stem is all wrapped

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