How to make bicycle planters

bicycle planters 1

here is a great turned out to me !! She did the first time, but it seems like now and you. we trailed) and so weave three spiral tubes, the diameter of the small wheel on twisted 1.5cm labial .a large wheel diameter of 3 cm (in a jar of acrylic paint TIP: each tube to take the glue otherwise imparting wheel will form like this … Here is my first wheel, everything fell apart (((and so weave a length of 29cm all three lanes, turn a wheel, we coat with glue the edges and that’s how I did (you can sew thread), but I took the ribbon and strongly bound, like this leave overnight

We threaded tubes so as to get the “spokes” in small 4spitsy, a large wheel 6 do first rear axle, three tube bend (tubes) and sticks to the inside anchoring thread tails and connect the wheel thread again take 3  tube connect crisscross and connect front wheel: 6 tubes take conventional threaded to Sredinka and connect on both sides ie, left and right they put on another 3 tubes connect and entwine thread tube we do plug second and anchoring, and the tails are driving We put on another 3 tube in place of the plug connections, anchoring thread weave knob on the steering wheel 9cm share entwine and put on glue Here frame plus.soedinyaem and begin to wrap the entire frame
as my daughter says FIDALIKI)))) take the tube on the front wheel, divide by 2 pieces form a triangle and entwine, tails I cut off white paint, dry them He wove this basket’s front will hang on the handlebars something like that and here is another I wish you success in the work, I hope has been useful for you!

How To Make Weaving Newspaper Colorful Platter

Weaving Newspaper Platter 1

Plates (color tubes, etc.), but do not let that bother. The main thing – the technique of weaving the same.

How to make wicker vases, candy

wicker Vases Candy 1

Production of small vases, candy boxes, which can be made from the remnants of tubes and in a very short time. With such handle any beginner. Tat candy are a variety of ways. Here is one of them. we need:

  • Two cardboard circle for bottoms (it can and weave)
  • 46-50 rolls of the same color and
  • 15 tubes of a different color of course
  • You can weave and all one color. Between cartons, wallpapered (I) insert 18 pairs of tubes (photo light) and 5 tubes for pins, placing them between pairs at a time. (5 tubes between the pairs, 4 pairs missing and another 5 tubes). I have them slightly darker. We raise our tubes for pens up and fastening a pin. The product is face down. In our working pairs propel pigtails, ponytails from workers remove the tubes in the middle. For simplicity and convenience, I drew on the defective cardboard concentric circles. Small in diameter as our bedplate, and two others of your choice. 6-8cm on their radius greater than the radius of the smaller circle. It depends on how high you want to get candy.
    Set in the center at the bottom of a small circle, and our anchoring its masking tape. Now we carry out any trouble. I have a couple of tubes over the first, under the second, over the third, a fourth, and displayed on the top. The main requirement is that the tubes were wetted and after the last binding went up. I moved counterclockwise. To do so with all the pairs. At the same time, we look to the fold height touched our circle. In this basket, I chose a smaller circle. This is what happens when we have completely stranded all pairs of tubes. Now you are all good provisos, pull, etc. Next, remove the masking tape and our entire structure is placed upside down on a 3-liter. Carefully drop the cover down, clutching. Our tails raising up- and tubes to the handle go down. Ducts for the handles are glued to the binding and fixing pegs. And our 3-series ponytail weave rope. The tubes are cut off. Flips the product and make out the handle. Handle simple. it does not bear the load. Because simply I gathered her tubes and wrapped them. Korzinulka ready. That’s about what happens. Since the candy in the country (for some reason) do not grow, you have to use them in other ways.

How to make newspaper tubes frame

frame from tubes of newspaper 1

Cut the cardboard box. Keep in mind that inside, somewhere in the 5 mm on each side, the frame will be wider by tubes

Flatten with your fingers and sticking the tube from the inside. Here I posted a lot, then remove excess glue and. It is necessary to glue from a distance of 1 mm from each other. I put on top of the load and wait until post

bend the tube at the front of the frame and begin weaving. Promoted through a tube. Next staggered following

So I put my hand and pushes the next tube

I continue marginalia on the width of the frame.

Entangling is also the other side, the same Kol liches vom horizontal tubes.

Now I take my top.

Cut Sredinka and sealed all the tube inside out.

I paint the finished frame. I walked on top of a gold acrylic paint dry brush. On the reverse side to stick the same cardboard box and paint

How to weaving box for needlework

weaving box for needlework 1

To quickly learn how to weave, you can start with a simple, not all at once turns bedplate, so you can make the bottom of the cardboard

I took out of puff pastry, comfortable and not have to cut anything. The photo shows that we still need is a PVA glue, gofbumaga for children’s creativity (although it can be wall-paper and printed with a picture, someone like that). I cut out a circle of paper more, crumpling it and stuck. At the bottom mark the place where the circle will be glued to the tube, small stands. As you can see, I bend tubes with the letter P

Paste. It must be an odd number of racks

From above impose a second round – a bedplate. Prikleivaemi top put something heavy

Sorry not everyone get a clear picture, it is my 1 MK I do not like to be distracted when doing something. But in general it is clear.

While preparing dries same makarom cover only single duct. Top pasting listing liked pictures, and since I wanted to make a drawing volume, a bird and a sprig impose filler mixed with starch and leave to dry

Our bottom dried up, lift up the tube. Yes, get well soon, when pasted directly glued to the two ducts which will start to spin. Scourge usual pigtail

Another forgotten, small stands just paint over the black gouache

How many rows proplela two did not think then one tube cut and pasted, and then start to weave a simple rope through one rack

At the very top ranks of ten again two tubes

We reach the top, to the top was a dense, small stands kinked make oval and swing the same gofbumagoy with glue. Then weave the lid is applied on top of the cart, and as soon as she turns a little more, do Bending, one plant in small stands and other go too down, following again for another and go too (fuuu, something I have better hands than it turns to tell)

Then weave vertically desired height

And then again Bends one after another, and then in the opposite direction by making a loop and insert the end into the needle weaving helping yourself, hide, pasted and cut off the excess

On the cover is pasted a printout so that it coincided exactly. To this end, its top is varnished three times to dry and when immersed in water and then the back side of the paper roll off gently turned to semi-transparent image

Then everything is covered with white glue be mixed with black gouache

A picture paints acrylic paints. On top of the leaves for more likelihood drip super-glue Master, it freezes and turns transparent drops of dew

And finally the last. All lacquered, both inside and outside, and three times in the desired. I covered the furniture varnish “Rosewood”

It’s inside

It’s outside. Done

How to make fun giraffe from newspaper tubes – Step By Step

giraffe from newspaper tubes 1

From cardboard cut out of the sheet blank. We attach tubes – rails and begin pletenie.Dlya smoother braiding each tube add copper wire.

Scourge of about 14.5 cm and remove the wire karkas.Teper body will expand.

After 8 propletennyh series, we begin to develop head and neck of a giraffe.

Separately weave ears, horns, and nose of a giraffe.

Decorate zhirafa.Szadi we stayed korzinka.Ee can be left unchanged, but you can close the carton and place the back of a giraffe.

Glue eyes, fur, nose, and mouth.

How to make pot from newspaper tubes – Step by Step

pot from newspaper tubes 1

The bottom of the tube 4 on 4 weave rope. But it does not matter. Choose your size and your type of weaving. To have a form, I turned the fungus had a plastic leg, just as the size of jars and bowls, to him a bowl and top braid. Spun upside down, so it is more convenient

So I whip. It is filmed from above. Braids press my knee. I still weave on the floor and pressed his knee. And that I do without him? On the occasion of shooting my new socks. Entwined in the bowl 6 rows, then we’ll narrow weaving

Jar of raspberry Kampot cargo. Stands run into the bank and weave more rows 6. Malinka this release.

I changed to a smaller bank. For this, I go to a friend of the milk cow.

That’s about cauldron. While stop.

Pierce tubes of three pieces for each second small stands. For in the interval between the posts had one braid. Ideally, the two should be, but not thin braids, the paper they are not fit at all, so it is so.

We are pushing the netting with scissors. so it was obvious where the tube to shove

This is the view from inside. really beautiful?

To increase the tube and decided to braid pigtails. tubes soaked waters. I decided that it would be easier and simpler. I honestly waited a couple of minutes and-and began to weave. Paper during the weaving just rolled off the tubes, pigtails obtained ugly, had to wait for the complete drying and weave on. I’ll tell you honestly, Dasha weave easier than this cauldron.

Again, all turned and began to fold pattern of braids. A bit like the head of the Gorgon Medusa Mikhailovna, so if you need to -bite for the theater as an idea, I do not mind.

He twisted and missed all of PVA. to grab

Then I cut the butt with braided and glued. Pins for the fortress.

We continue to weave on, but with the difference that it is necessary to tighten the rack on the side.

Here’s a turned collar. it was convenient to weave, I launched a working tube in the opposite direction. To make their favorite Bending

It is on the cover. , Further, dilute the rack and weave plate.

In the middle of the weave is necessary to add another one to every small stand

The finished result, you have already seen. Scold not necessary blind! she can see that the curve, but I do not teach how to make crooked, I write, what not to do.