How to make quilling basket of flowers bouquets

I really like to create thumbnails quilling wee bouquets for my friends. This model is quite easy to do.
The strips in any shade and shape the fold by the following images. Try using thicker paper, ie. Min. 120g / m2. Thanks basket better retain the shape. On a piece of paper, draw two circles (the first is 6.5 cm, the second 2cm in diameter). Put your card on a pad cork and of cover with foil, then it will sklejcie together elements (about 22), the second one in the middle of a larger circle. Wait until the glue dries.

I’ve always enjoyed making Quilled miniatures and flower baskets are my favorites.This model is quite simple and easy to make.

Roll and shape your coils, any color you choose.Try to use thicker paper, at least 120 gr / m2, this way the basket will keep its shape better and will not deform.On a piece of paper draw two circles of 6.5 cm and 2 cm in diameter.Place it on a corckboard, cover it with a plastic sheet and then glue the coils, Approximately 22 pieces, one by one inside the big circle.Let it dry.

Now sklejcie together the ends-receive slightly conical shape. Glue it to tightly twisted disc made from four strips. After drying glue uformujcie basket, generously repress the glue in the middle and in the Paste the basket respectively, cut a piece of Styrofoam.

Now glue the two ends together, you’ll Obtain a conical shape. Glue it on top of a tight coil made from four strips and when the glue dries gently press it to give it an elongated shape. Add a good amount of glue inside the basket and glue a piece of polystyrene.

Cover the Styrofoam piece of paper, add a hand basket – basket is ready. Fill it with any kind of flowers … in my basket was a butterfly.

Cover the polystyrene with a piece of paper, add a handle and the basket is ready.Fill it with any type of flowers you like … it’s mine I also added a small butterfly.

To obtain another invoice you can use the bezel to bars / crimper.

For a different texture you can use a paper crimper tool.

I hope that my course liked you and help you to explore the beautiful art quilling.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and That Will help you discover the beautiful art of quilling.

How to make case book tablet

There is a new age technology. Almost every day, they invented and produced in the world, new models of smartphones, phones, tablets. All these things are in demand, and in many cases, necessary for a modern inhabitant metropolis.

Everyone who has bought himself a brand new model of the long-awaited phone or tablet, tries to keep her safe and sound.

In order not to break and once again not to claw their equipment in stores acquired special accessories in the form of protective films, trinkets rubs, covers. Many of these things are not quite expensive, and some you can do, and the price a brand new handbag.

But there is always a great low-budget way out – it’s accessories made with his own hands, that is hand-made.

In this article I will discuss how their own from old bags, cardboard and a couple of patches make a real case for the tablet form of the book.

You need to cover:
– Cardboard
– Scissors
– artificial or natural leather (I got the best of the old bags)
– cloth Lining (better to take a non-slip, and a thick cloth in my velor)
– glue “Moment”
– super glue
– glue term-gun
– laundry gum , black
– Velcro

This book cover for the tablet I took just half an hour. Cover needed urgently. And I’m not to waste money, I decided to do it herself.

I was useless bag that I carried by only a month, and then she broke the lock. Throw felt sorry, and I just put it to the best of times, that is, until, when I reach the hands to fix this unfortunate clasp. But the hand did not reach the whole winter, and gathering dust bag and hung on a hanger.

I never thought that once dare to reshape it and make a case for the tablet. But thinking what to do for the cover of the book-cover, I immediately remembered that same purse.

Then I died, if suitable for the size of the side of the bag. Everything was in order, so I cut it from the appropriate box. Then found a couple of patches for padding. I took glue Melt, eraser, scissors and cardboard.

Immediately I say about cardboard. Cardboard is better to take a tight, not brittle and not fat. Unfortunately, my board was quite thick, so the case has turned out not quite thin.

Another point. If you have a thin plastic, you can use it. I think it will be even better, because it does not soak in water and cover can be washed.

Well, like a prologue finished, now I will tell you how to do this cheholchik.

At first I looked around the plate with a pencil on cardboard.

I cut out of cardboard two equal parts.

Then she took a linen gum black and made from it the holders on the corners of the cardboard backing.

Then she took a linen gum black and made from it the holders on the corners of the cardboard backing.

Glue the two pads to the piece of artificial skin, cut from an old bag, stepping between them a distance equal to the thickness of the tablet.

After that, cover cropped to the desired size, and by bending the corners and put them on the glue.

From the mounting of the handle fastener made by gluing on the edge of the Velcro, and set him on a super-adhesive back strap.

That’s all – ready for a tablet cover! Source

Toilet Roll Mini Album Tutorial

No need to  buy any fancy supplies to make this toilet roll mini album apart from pretty papers. This is one of the thriftiest and coolest upcycled mini albums that you can make. As an added bonus, this is a project for anyone including seasoned scrapbookers, beginners and children.

Required Materials:

  • 3 or more toilet rolls
  • folder binder rings
  • Scrapbook patterned papers to decorate
  • Ribbon or fibers
  • A Bone folder – a ruler or dull dinner knife works just as good
  • A hole punching tool – crop-a-dile or a regular hole punch will do
  • Adhesive – I used regular PVA glue (white glue) and an old credit card or piece of firm card to spread the glue evenly
  • Paper trimmer or scissors


Step 1

Take your cleaned up toilet rolls and flatten them. Use the bone folder to firmly crease the folds so that they are as flat as you can make them.

Step 2

Now measure your flattened roll to get the ‘roll length’ and the ‘roll width’

Cut a piece of Patterned cardstock to be:
roll length + 1″   by   2 x rollwidth  then add on an extra 1″

Step 3

align one side of the roll with the edge of the paper and fold it over. Fold over again the remaining small piece.  You will now have three panels – the top flap, the middle and bottom panels.

Step 4

Now spread some glue evenly over one side of the flattened toilet roll. stick the roll to the middle panel. Be sure to center it.

Now take a pair of scissors and cut four small wedges in the card as shown below. This will enable us to tuck in the overhanging edges easily.

Step 5

spread a small amount of glue onto the overhanging edges and tuck them inside the roll and press firmly for a good 20 seconds to ensure they stick.

Step 6

Glue down the shorter top flap and tuck in the edges.

Step 7

Then glue down the last panel and overhanging edges.

Step 8

Repeat for the remaining toilet rolls. Cover them in the same or coordinating patterned papers.

Step 9

Take your hole punch tool and punch two holes a quarter inch in from the side of the flattened rolls for binding. My holes are also 3/4″ from the top and bottom of the rolls.
You don’t have to use rings for binding – you can thread through some ribbon and fibers if you wish.

Step 10

Measure and cut three cardstock tags that will fit into the pockets that will be created by the bound pages. I measured my tags to be a little longer so that they will protrude from the pockets.
Punch a hole approx 1/2″ in from the top of each tag in the center.  Use a corner rounder punch to round of the corners if you wish.

Thread the pages onto binder rings and tie on some pretty, coordination lengths of ribbon to embellish the album. Embellish the tags with ribbon as well.  And you’re done! Decorate each of the pages and tags with embellishments and photos and you have completed your toilet tissue holder mini book!Finished Toilet Roll Mini Album.

A Square around mini scrapbook step by step

A Square around mini scrapbook


This square mini scrapbook also goes by the name of a carousel mini album or you may have seen it around as a  room mini album.

It is a cute little mini book that you can display on around your home.


Four 12″x12″ Scrapbook card papers


Two 6 1/8″ chipboard or cardboard for the covers


Scrapbooking embellishments


Scissors or craft knife, pencil, adhesive – glue or double sided tape


two lengths of ribbon approx 12″ long


Step 1.

Take a sheet of the 12″x12″ card and fold it in half horizontally. Now fold it in half again, this time vertically.

Step 2.

Now take the sheet and flip it over. It should now be face down. Create two diagonal folds. Flip it back over and open the sheet out.

Stick a thin line of double sided tape along the top left side from the top corner down to the horizontal fold.

Step 3.

Fold up the bottom left corner while bringing together points A and B and stick it down on to the tape. This will form a pocket that you can stick tags into.

Step 4.

To keep the album firm, stick together the backs as shown in the picture. Run a line of double sided tape along the edges and press firmly together.

Now you have formed one signature or group of pages for your album.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining three sheets of 12×12 card..

Step 6.

Fold each set of pages flat adhere them together on top of each other with glue or  double sided tape.

Step 7.

Once all the pages are stuck together lay it down on your work surface with and mark a point down the center outer side of the assembled album. Adhere the ribbon with double sided tape. Repeat for the other side.

Step 8.

Create your covers from chipboard, embellish however you like.

Stick your covers to the album pages over the top of the ribbon ties with double sided tape or glue.

Autumn scrapbooking-postcard

Autumn scrapbooking-postcard with your own hands – step by step masterclass for Bright autumn days.

Autumn – this bright time of year. Last warm days and amazing colors of autumn colors and pulls save. Autumn card can be a nice gift for the occasion and without it, especially if, in addition desire to invest in it more and favorite photo.

Postcard on “Autumn” with his own hands

Required tools and materials:

  • paper for scrapbooking, color cardboard;
  • photos and captions ornaments, nails;
  • artificial leaves, bechevka, a strip of burlap;
  • breadboard knife, scissors, line, glue, corner punch (optional);
  • sewing machine.



  • Cardboard biguem center to get two equal parts.

Paper, cut into parts of suitable size. Based on prikleivaem cord (you can use 2 segment), top prikleivaem paper on the back of cards and proshivaem. Paper for the front of the card do array of jewelry. Before you start recording and nashivaty decoration can be a picture of the composition, do not forget row in this process. Then begin to record and flashed jewelry from bottom to top. Some items may be completed with the help of nails. Ready prikleivaem cover of a cardboard base and proshivaem. One of the parties may hit the corners dыrokolom for easy insertion of photos. Both cards (for pictures and letters) prikleivaem of cardboard mat.

  • Finally prikleivaem card to the remaining paper items proshivaem and vkleivaem in a postcard.
  • This card itself navivaet warm thoughts and good memories, but the image will still special charm.



The author masterclass – Nikishova Mary.

How to make soft pot clock ornaments

The main thing – the idea! You can make such a clock of any size, not just covered with clay cup, but any size jar, pot, bowl …

1. Choose a large ceramic cup on the big, down on the table. 2. Take a piece of brown Taiwan Zhengguang soft clay, with rolling pin (or pressure machine) even carry out a slightly thick piece, wrapped in the cup outside the wall. (Note: Do not put the whole cup full, but more than 1/2 of the area, so as to ensure that the clock can be done after the stand.  3. Wrap the cup wall, find a center point poke a round hole, the size of the round hole with the shape of the core size of the circle as much as possible. 4. With scissors empty beer cans cut into about 3mm of the strip, around the outer wall of the soft clay, this is the use of aluminum toughness to prevent the soft clay in the dry nest after the deformation of the phenomenon. 5. and then pressure a layer of the same size before the brown mud, the purpose is to cover the beer cans, pay attention to poke out the hole. 6. Then, with some small mud in the brown mud surface to do the shape, small mud from the bottom to the formation of gradual color is more beautiful. (The second line, white plus two brown; the third line, white plus three brown, and so on until the whole cup wall.).  7. Put the affixed work into the oven and bake at a temperature of 120 ° C to 150 ° C for about 20 minutes. To be cooler oven, the work out, find a flat head long strip of the tool, slowly let the soft pottery from the porcelain surface. 8. The general effect of the concept bell came out. Then please carefully observe the shape of the clock, the arc is greater than the cup 1/2, whether standing secure. 9. Prepare the watch core. 10. The core through the round hole, with a special screw on the back, the back into the battery will be able to time it!

How To Decorated Prayer Box

You can make a decorated prayer box to complement your little altar delicately.

To make this craft you will need:

  • 1 wooden box or MDF of your choice;
  • Common brush;
  • Acrylic paint with the color of your choice;
  • Common brush;
  • Acrylic paint with the color of your choice;
  • Old newspaper, old paper, cardboard or plastic, to line the place where you will work with your piece;
  • Ornaments of your choice to decorate your piece;
  • Pearls;
  • Lacinhos;
  • Glue everything;
  • Role of your choice;
  • Paper block with size fits inside the chosen box;
  • Buttons with the models, styles, prints or colors of your choice;
  • Cord of pompoms with the color, size, model and style of your choice;
  • Old newspaper, old paper, cardboard or plastic, to line the place where you will work with your piece.


Step by Step of Decorated Prayer Box

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts.

Then line the place where you will work with your piece, with old newspaper, old paper, cardboard or plastic. Paint your wooden or MDF box first with the white color if you want. Allow to dry and then apply the chosen color. If you want a stronger and stronger color, apply two or even three layers of paint, but always let the paint dry very well between layers. Let the paint dry very well before handling your part again and continue to make your work. Soon after, write a prayer or message, glue on the inside of the lid of your box and start pearl necklace around. Now, finish pasting the pearls inside the box lid and begin decorating the outside of your box. Then, to finish your piece, just finish decorating your box, with the trimmings you wish. And it’s ready!(Photo:

How To Make Mini Photo Album

Make a mini photo album to give someone you love with the best moments of yours. Choose colors that intensify your bond as your preferred colors.

To make this cute craft you will need:

  • Photos of your preference (but all with the same size);
  • Thread, yarn or cord of your choice;
  • Glue stick;
  • Common scissors;
  • Very thick and firm cardboard;
  • Tough adhesive tape;
  • Ornaments of your choice to decorate your piece;
  • Papers of your choice and with colors or prints also of your preference.

-Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Then, separate all the photos that you will use in your handicraft and cut strips with the size of these photos on paper that will stay in the inner part of the album. Fold the strips in half and paste as many strips as necessary to accommodate all the photos you choose. Afterwards, paste the photos on the inside sheets, with the help of glue stick. Coat two squares of cardboard, which should be a size a little larger than the size of the album sheets. Now attach a piece of string, yarn, or string of your choice with pieces of tape on both the front and back covers of your mini album.Then, to finish off your piece, paste the cover and back cover that you just created and decorate the cover of your mini album with the materials you want to use. And it’s ready!

DIY: Handmade Wall Clock

You can make at home a beautiful and unique handmade wall clock. And remembering that you do not need to make a colored piece, you can make a piece with unique color.

To make this part you will need:

  • Ruler;
  • Wooden board or MDF board;
  • Electric saw or saw;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Cleaning cloth, very clean and dry;
  • Wall clock machine with hands;
  • Drill with specific drill for drilling wood;
  • Wood sticks;
  • Cutting Pliers;
  • Common brush;
  • Acrylic paints with the colors of your choice;
  • Pencils for joiner.

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your work.

Then draw on your wooden board or MDF board the shape you want for your watch, with the aid of the joiner’s pencil and a ruler. Afterwards, serrate around the contour drawn, in a round shape or in the format you want, and draw the numbers of your watch. Now drill your watch numbers with the aid of a drill with a specific drill to drill wood. Then keep drilling the numbers. Just after you’ve drilled all the numbers, scratch your watch. And drill a hole in the middle of the piece. Now, clean your part immediately afterwards with the cleaning cloth, very clean and dry, to remove all dust. Then place wooden sticks in the number holes. And mark where you are going to cut them. Then cut the wooden sticks. Now, paint the tips of the wooden sticks with the colors you want. Then, to finalize your piece, simply attach the wall clock machine with hands. And it’s ready!

Beautiful Craft Ideas with MDF Box

Craft ideas with MDF box can result in objects for you to store your offal, in packaging to increase your gifts and even in pieces for the decoration of your environments.

Craft Ideas with MDF Box

You can coat your MDF box with the material you want, such as plain paper, contact paper, jute, paint and even fabric. If you want a box lined with fabric, glue it around your box using glue for decoupage. And use a lot of glue to decoupage around the box as well, to waterproof your piece so that even if it splashes a few drops of water your box will not be ruined.

To enhance your party keepsake, you can customize the MDF box the way you want. It is worth to coat the box with the material you desire. And it’s also worth customizing your box of MDF in a stylized way, like painting the clothes of the bride and groom, to introduce the godparents of the wedding, for example. A very different way to use an MDF box is by securing it to the wall to create a niche. You can customize the MDF box before attaching it to the wall, any way you want and according to the decorating style you want for your environment. Besides there are numerous ways to customize your MDF box, as already mentioned and there are also a multitude of materials that can be applied in your box to embellish it, such as gemstones, beautiful letters, ribbons, attachments and more a multitude of Items. And after customizing your box you can use it to embellish your spaces, even if you do not store anything inside them.