How to make stylish flower vase – Step By Step

You will need a plastic cup, jar of mustard or baby food, gypsum.

Gypsum is diluted with water

Pour the mixture into a glass, to the lower glass jar so. that it did not fall to the bottom. but do not pop up on top of the neck should be only banks.

For this purpose, the bank can be lowered several stones.

After the plaster hardens, cut and remove the plastic cup with blank vases.

With a chisel to cut upper bound.

Fillet edge with sandpaper

to draw on the surface of the vase zig-zagi and cut.

Obrvbotat edges with sandpaper

Mix white and black paint and paint zig-zag band.

Stripes cover  2-3

Stylish turned vase of gypsum:

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