How to make broom out of plastic bottles

Tools and materials:
– plastic pre-baked the rope for greater rigidity 20 centimeters long, each piece;
– 88 universal glue;
– Cut the neck of a plastic bottle;
– Sided twist;
– A cover from a plastic bottle 8 pcs .;
– Screws 7 pcs;
– Screwdriver;
– A piece of wood – the basis for the pile of brooms.
We need a 20-centimeter plastic rope tight squeeze and trim. That they were all on one level. And tightly holding them with one hand, pull on one end of the cut-out in advance of the neck of a plastic bottle. It will serve as a holder. If formed unevenness in the distribution of plastic rope, then tap the edge of a pile, equating it to a piece of wood.

Then you need to put a two-way twist on this pile. Carefully dress, gradually pushing the neck of a plastic bottle, which now we do not need, and remove it.

Now also trimmed edge of the bar, so that they are flush with the spin base. And deepen the twist in 5 millimeters deep.
Now we take the glue 88 universal building and pour over the depth of plastic rope. But not too much. We need to stick together villi. And twists the ordinary plastic cap from the bottle, and pushes the rope all the way into the lid. Tap on the bar, and even trim. Now the cover can be removed and again to deepen to 5 millimeters.

Such preparations must be made 7 pieces. The manufacturing process is the same everywhere.
Now we get down to the bar itself. To him, the same distance should be bolted 7 caps from plastic bottles. In the middle of the lid drilled hole to insert a screw with a screwdriver and it is screwed into a bar, pinning thus cover. The lid is secured screw part up.

Now, each cover must be screwed into every blank for a broom. Now these are a pile of stiff brooms ready.

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