Handmade lantern making tutorial

A symbol of the festive and children together to produce a fine and simple lanterns! A very beautiful handmade paper lantern Oh! Ready to the required materials, to produce this Pupils handmade lanterns!

Step 1

Prepare two colors of colored paper, and cut them into a square, large sheets of small square should have, as shown, and a large rectangular white paper

Step 2

Cut all the edges of the square into a jagged shape, as shown in the figure, note that the lace should be consistent,

Step 3

Wrap the large square and the back of the small square with each other and then roll them up as shown

Step 4

Will each roll up the roller paste fixed in a row, and then fixed in the white rectangle, up and down to leave a side

Step 5

Cut out some flowers with embossing machine or scissors, the best size of the flowers do not differ too much

Step 6

Will cut the small flowers attached to the reel in the contact point, and then paste the gold color on the edge of the upper and lower

Step 7

The crepe paper or colored paper to expand the folds, and then cut into a tassel-like, pay attention to the top of a margin

Step 8

Will cut the tassel paste in the bottom of the inside, the other cut a long strip, and then paste in the top of the inside, make lanyard

Step 9

Will be rolled up the whole step into a lantern-like, fixed, you can hang in the favorite place!

Another lantern with different color:Source

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