DIY Bird feeder out of scrap materials

Required Material:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Clay (better to take waterproof)
  • Threads of the twine
  • Brush
  • Knife

 First knife need to make large openings on both sides of the rectangular shape.

Then apply a bottle of glue and a fully banded tightly with string.

Where were our hole in the middle cut the twine and wrap it inside, good fluff there glue. So the sides will look more aesthetically pleasing and will not be sharp edges of the bottle. On top decompose a thatched roof and a hard brush twine. Do not forget to make a long loop of twine to hang it was for our bird feeder. Now you can do the most interesting – the decor trough. In the course can go all do not mind. Here is all depends on your imagination and inspiration. Do not forget to make the holes and insert the perch that the birds were comfortably seated.

Everything. Now you can pour the food for the birds and hang the bird feeder outside.

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