How to make cute textile doll

Patterns fit on a sheet of A4. When cutting is necessary to add 0.5 cm at the seams

Cutting, stitch

In this section you need to cut to make crosscuts, before reaching the seam of 1-2 mm

on the concave curvature is also desirable to make several crosscuts to seam is not tightened when the person will turn on the

tack foot, then stitch

in the hole on the back foot right now invest

on a typewriter here does not crawl, so sew on their hands, more often

I sew the legs so that even had the opportunity, unnecessarily. I have a standing doll

Plastivy bottle of shampoo is useful to us. Cut 2 strips

We put in the back, instead of a well-kept pozvonochnika.Golova

Fingers to stitch thread

Head sew

Hands sew thick strong thread

Knit cap from one yarn from which the hair will be. Sew, leaving the place where you can still that the head did not seem flat

hair attach with a hook

is not enough yarn.Nado search or work something out with headdress

That’s all. Nothing slozhnogo.Shila just four dolls, so the pictures appear one with ears, you will excuse me

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