DIY Beautiful Arrangements for Party

The beautiful arrangements for party and bouquets of sweets are now increasingly using different colors of crepe, and cones, in my view, unfairly bypassed. I want to share with the inhabitants of the countries of the Masters, it is easy to make the cones and spectacular bouquets with them.

So, we need: scissors and a template from cardboard (less than half of the circle). Its size depends on the size of candy, which will pack.

Using the template cut blank, I use any wrapping paper.

Now we need the tape and candy.

We turn off the work piece into a cone.

We put candy.

Insert skewers and stifle the paper.

Teypiruem foot cone.

Cone is ready.

Another composition using cones.


How to Make Newspaper Wall Hanging Craft

This is one of the most beautiful things made by waste material and among best hanging decor ideas. You can make your own party decorations in this manner with newspaper crafts. Just follow the step by step directions shown in this craft tutorial. Soon you’ll be able to make these hanging decorations from the ceiling and receiving compliments for your creativity in homemade party decorations. So, gather your old waste materials and get ready for some creative things to do with the newspaper. If you want more best out of waste projects or other old newspaper crafts, check out other tutorials as well on Crafting Hours!

Wall hanging using old newspapers from this best out of waste

20+ Easy DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas

I have an unhealthy obsession with toilet paper roll crafts. Friends and family even collect toilet paper rolls for me so I can make more crafts with them! I like them because, well, pretty much everyone has access to toilet paper rolls. With that said, you’ll want to start collecting (or hoarding) toilet paper rolls after you see these incredible DIY toilet paper rolls crafts.

DIY Plastic Spoons & Mirror Wall Decor

I love making Recycled DIY Projects! Now you can watch a complete step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY Plastic Spoons & Mirror Wall Decor. Adorn the mundane walls and add the best home decoration idea of a wall mirror decor to your interiors. Making this amazing plastic spoon and mirror wall decor is an awesome creative experience.

Get down on the floor and engage your kid’s in making this cool craft at home, as a fun craft activity for kids. It is a perfect way to reuse and recycle an old mirror with a new touch of creativity!

Step 1: Material Required for Making Plastic Spoon and Mirror Wall Decor.

So here is a list of all the craft essentials required to make plastic spoon and mirror wall decor are:

  • Glitter paper
  • Scissors
  • Color papers
  • Mirror
  • Quilling needle
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Quilling strips
  • Decorative mirror
  • Plastic spoons
  • Cardboard
  • Glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Decorative stones
  • Divider & pencil

Step 2: Let’s Begin!

Cut and separate the handle and bowl part of the spoons and get rid of the handle.

Cut red and blue strips of paper measuring 10 cm x 1 cm and make small incisions on the edges.

Step 3: Build Up Your Craft

Make yellow coloured tight coils and wrap the red and blue around the yellow tight coils.

Cut out a cardboard measuring 10 cm radius with the help of a divider. Watch the complete tutorial to learn how to make Miniature Flowers.

Cover it with a glitter paper.

Step 4: Decorate Your Craft!

Paste a small mirror in the centre of the cardboard. and paste plastic spoons around.on the edge of the cardboard.

Paste the Miniature flowers around the mirror.

Make yellow and orange leaves with quilling strips.

Add decorative mirrors and finish the craft with decorative stones.

Step 5: Your Mirror and Plastic Spoon Craft Wall Decor.

Don’t you love this Mirror and Plastic spoon wall decor? There is nothing as special as learning how to make this super easy craft idea that can be used as wall decor. A fantastic home decor idea that will surely get you loads of compliments.Recycled crafts as home decoration ideas work in a fabulous way and give your home a new look!

Do watch the complete tutorial on how to make plastic spoon and mirror wall decor and add a creative feather to your cap.

Courtesy: stylenrich

DIY Cute and Colorful Tutti Frutti Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Today I’m sharing my newest party theme for I party I designed for my middle daughter who just turned 5! I always let all my kids pick their own party theme; though I will admit that I may steer them away from commercially licensed themes. When we were brainstorming themes for her party, she came up with fruit because orange is her current color obsession. From there, her Tutti Frutti birthday party was born!

I had a blast designing these tutti frutti kawaii-inspired invitations, and I just made them.

To welcome our guests, I also designed this “Let’s Go Bananas!” welcome sign to hang on our front door.

My favorite area of the party was definitely the party tables. I spied the fruity tablecloths last summer on clearance, which I knew would be the perfect table covering. I then purchased different fruit slice paper plates and cups.

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl standing in front of her cake table! I scored her fruit slice dress on eBay, and it matched perfectly!

Next up, the cake! Can you believe the cuteness that is going on here? At every party, everyone asks me, “Who does your cakes?” I’m spilling the beans right here, folks!

The most beautiful paper goods and made this layered and glittery fruit banner, as well as the fruit pieces on all the chair backs of the kids’ chairs. Her handiwork is truly divine!

Here’s another look at the dining tables—my favorite part of the party!

These fruit slice balloons provided some definite eye candy when you walked in the door and were the perfect table centerpieces for the dining and buffet tables.

I created this “Orange You Hungry? Let’s Eat!” sign for the food buffet table using the same cute kawaii fruit graphics from the invitation.

I found the perfect pineapple drink containers and filled them with mango lemonade—the perfect fruity drink for a tutti frutti party!

As an activity for the kids, I set up a play fruit stand area outside on our back deck. I had all kinds of play fruit, shopping bags, cash register, scale, shopping carts, play money, etc. I displayed this “Welcome to the Fruit Stand” sign on a tabletop at fruit stand. The kids all had an absolute blast shopping and selling fruit to each other!

For the party favors, I found plush kawaii-inspired pineapples. I placed them inside berry boxes and added someprintable tags featuring different fruits and matching slogans.

I hope you’ve been inspired by some of the tutti frutti birthday party ideas! It’s a party theme that just makes everyone feel happy, inside and out!

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: projectnursery

Hip Hop Hooray for an Easter Picnic!

Easter is hopping up on us, and we couldn’t be happier! Everything about this time of year makes us smile—from the soft pastel colors to sweet bunnies and chicks, everything is bursting with new life and plenty of reasons to get outside and celebrate. We’re excited to share some bright ideas on how to make this spring holiday extra special with your kids by planning an Easter picnic.

Wishing you and your little bunnies a Happy Easter!

Hope you like this tutorial.

Love birds – Acrylics Painting on Canvas

Love birds – Acrylics Painting on Canvas:

Required Materials :

  • 3-4 different colours of paint – Red, Yellow, Black  & White
  • Canvas
  • Circular pouncers
  • Hanging supplies
  • Tray to hold the paint

I used round flat tip sponge brushes(pouncers) for the background.. I was after bokeh affect of a sunset scene..
Start with white in the center of the sun and add yellow, and then eventually red.. try to blend the colors so that they wont appear like patches..

You can see the pouncer brush beside the painting, used different size brushes randomly..
The main colors used in this are yellow,red, white, and black.. Basically add black and white to your colors to make it dark and lighter..
For the stroke, you just dab the pouncer in the paint(Acrylics) and put it on the canvas, and rotate it so that you get a perfect round.. Keep repeating until you get the desired background…

…plan was to use the buttons you see in the bowl, on the painting. but changed at the end and settled with just a silhouette of a tree and birds..

This is how the background looked before adding the silhouette…

Finished version – After adding a simple silhouette of a tree with love birds.. it gave a real dimension to the background.. Just an illustration done in adobe to see how would the painting look on a wall…

Courtesy: Sriks Creative Corner

DIY Jingle Pillow Tutorial

DIY Jingle Pillow Tutorial: Here’s another pillow from Scarlet’s Indian Elephant Party. The colors are a bit much attractive. I guess it wouldn’t be so comfortable to snuggle up to a pillow with metal bells on it, but it looks cute and that’s what really matters. Or you could replace the bells with buttons or ribbon flowers!

Get the full Jingle Pillow DIY after the jump…

DIY Jingle Pillow

1.  Wash, iron and cut your fabric. You’ll need one piece the size of your pillow plus 1/2″ for the front.  For the back you’ll need two pieces the same length by half the width of your pillow plus 2.5″.  Then you’ll need one long strip of any fabric in any width and length for your ruffle, and some jingle bells or buttons or what not.  My pillow is 12″ X 21″ so I cut a pieces 12.5″X21.5″ for the front and two pieces 12″X13″ for the back.

2.  Fold one short edge of each back piece in 1/4″ and iron, then another 1/4″ and iron, and sew in place.  On the side that will show, fold it in another 1/4″ and iron but don’t sew, so later on you won’t have a seam line showing on your pillow:

3. Take your long strip of fabric and fold it randomly across the front and pin in place.  Ignore the bells on the corner, I did it in the wrong order:

Sew the ruffle in place with one long line of stitches.  Then using embroidery thread hand sew your jingle bells or buttons to the front of the pillow:

There you go:

4. Now lay your pillow front right side up, your pillow back piece that will not be showing right side down, then the pillow back piece the will show right side down on top of that, making sure the outside edges of the front and back line up.  Pin in place:

Sew all the way around and finish the edges by serging, sewing with an overlock or zig zag stitch or just trimming with pinking shears:

5. Turn your pillow right side out and using your embroidery thread and hand sewing needle, sew some dangly jingle bells to the corners:

Stuff with pillow form, you’re done!

Add to growing pile of bright pillows:

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: prettyprudent

How to make paper flowers bells – Step by step

The bell of the paper with your hands out of paper. How to make flowers bells of paper with your hands.

Since we do kolokolchik.Snachala prepare sprig (wire, wrapped in paper and corrugated rolls 0,5 funnel strip 3 mm. Wide)
More engrave leaves three dimensions (corrugation. Paper glued twice) smallest and sepals (gofr.bumaga in one layer)

Paper glue twice, after drying iron utyugom. Vyrezaem pattern (1/4 circle with five “teeth”) detali.Skleivaem their “kulechkom”, spin the teeth, whereby a circular shape of a bell to attach nozhke. Podgotovim stamens: cut fence (white gofr.bumaga in one layer), divide by three pieces of cloves, base curl, kinks and bends.

Here we are ready to assemble the flower: stamens themselves bells, sepals, leaves and twigs from the craters. All stages shown in the photo. And another point: for the tight buds of blue paper curl arbitrarily.

And here is the finished branch:

Thank you for your attention!

DIY Beautiful roses from watercolor paper – Step by step

Beautiful roses can be made from the watercolor paper . The color scheme can be very different, and the use of such flowers in the decoration.

The paper – Whatman “Gosznak”.
These flowers I do of Korean paper, but in the master classes of special use drawing paper, so that you quickly determine the paper.

Prepare a lot of parts, score the petals fold stack. Take a spray bottle and spray water between the layers. Knead the stack of paper, like a slice of dough for dumplings. Periodically check the middle, it is necessary that the paper is soaked in water.
Or the second option – fast. Place a stack of paper under running water, dip a layer. Remove from the water. Use your fingers to distribute water, soak again until the paper gets wet completely. The second option I like the most 🙂
Not very pressing with a wet paper proceed to the next step.

PS: Who has difficulties with the purchase of a composter 5cm, use the template.

The small amount of water dilute the ink. Or sponge type paint with a pad, dip in water and wring out. You can use the printer ink.

Sponzhem (I cosmetic) promakivat movements (such as “Peck, Peck”), color seredinku upper layer stack, set aside, and then the next layer. Thus, gradually shifting into the second half stack of color. Do not be afraid of the excess water and flimsy parts.

Take the second half of the unpainted parts and barely touching the edge dip into the paint.

Painted stack parts mash fingers, evenly distributing the paint. Check the middle, if the paint is distributed poorly, squirts water spray between the layers.

Zakonchiv staining, good water press fabric.
Clutching a stack to one side, dry the hair dryer parts on all sides until almost dry. Do not use a hair dryer to embosinga.

Detail fold. Collecting accordion, make folds.
Hold fingers detail about the middle, hold the edge of the tweezers. Gently rotate only the tweezers until the paper does not slip out of it. If the paper is torn, the more dry the parts hairdryer. Conversely, if the fold is not laid soft – moisten.

Adjust the folds, holding fingers area.

Gently flatten the piece and leave to dry.

When the first deferred parts dried up. can be specks.
Take the ink pad black. Better ink resistant to water. Brush with a short stiff bristles (I from the vacuum cleaner to clean the filter can be pulled out of the tuft brushes).
Vertically holding the brush, make a point movement specks.

While the details have not yet dried completely, use the line with circles and tools, make an indentation in the center, dropping petals on the line.
Leave the parts to dry completely.

Glue the parts, pressing tool in the center.

Make a hole awl. Fold the stamens in half, using a wire.

Drag the stamen to the middle of using the line with the hole, so as not to deform the flower. Apply the adhesive so that then cut the excess, stamens are not dropped. Lower stamens to the desired length by gluing them to flower.

That this result was stained in the center and on the edges. The options really are so many and each flower is unique. Do a lot at once, in stages, it is very convenient and much less time than if you make one flower. The process is very exciting and challenging, boring only stamens inserted.While I was preparing for the master class, so I absorbed that made a huge bunch of flowers for 3 days – 236 pcs. Enough for a year or two 🙂

Keep flowers convenient threading a wire through the eyelets of the stamens. For works by suitable simply cut off.

Hope you like this tutorial.