DIY Pull up Window Shade Made of Paper

If playing with paper has been a habit of yours since you were a child, then this next DIY project will surely make you happy. And will also bring a brand new touch to the interior design of your living or kitchen. The pull-up paper window shade we suggest you make is a nice piece of decoration which will prove very useful in those sunny days. When you’ve managed to complete this project, you could protect your movie-watching time or your baking session with a simple yet handy window shade made out of paper. Choose the color which matches the rest of the decor and put your old paper skills to good use. You will need some simple materials, such as wallpaper, double-sided tape, or a thick rope. Be sure to read the entire list of necessary items, as well as the proper instructions on how to make your very own pull up window shade made of paper. Good luck!
Required Material:

  • Wallpaper or other hard paper
  • Knife
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided tape
  • Nylon rope
  • Plastic Cord Lock
  • Hole puncher

Round frame mirror made of cardboard

round frame 13

Greetings, friends! I present to your attention another master-class on the creation of decorative frames made of cardboard, prepared by a great expert in this matter.This time Marina tell you how to make a round frame for a mirror . The new workshop will undoubtedly enrich your perception of cardboard and corrugated board within the possibilities of a whole. And following the laid down in it hints and tips, you will be able to do with their hands delicious interior decoration – for the joy yourself and loved ones.

Materials and tools:

– Three-layer corrugated board thickness of 0.4-0.6 cm
– soft corrugated board (dual-layer)
– color double layer micro corrugated: white, green, orange, brown
– a sheet of paper or thin cardboard (for the template)
– the color of the markers of micro, to paint sections (if necessary)
– the orange and green beads
– a pencil
– a compass
– stationery knife
– scissors –
dressmaker pins
– tweezers (for the convenience of placing strips and decorative elements)
– glue for cardboard (important the adhesive was of good quality and when dry – transparent)
– double sided tape
– a hook for the frame
– a round mirror (or photo)


1. Preparation of the frame .

I had two small mirrors, so for them, I decided to make beautiful frames. The size of the frame is determined based on the size of the mirrors or pictures (but note that the photo of the scope of this design then does not remove).

The diameter of my mirror – 20 cm Optimum width of field frames -. 6-7 cm , but you can do more. Thus, we need a circle of cardboard with a diameter of 20 + 7 + 7 = 34 cm .

We draw on the cardboard circle compass required diameter or, if there is no compass, draw out some round object of appropriate size. I found a lid on the pot diameter 35 cm.

We draw another concentric circle whose diameter is the diameter of the mirror.

From cardboard cut out a circle of 2-3, one (bottom) – a rear wall of the frame, one or two others made a circle with a truncated central part – the window for a mirror or picture.

On the back wall of the right anchoring hook (if it is inserted through the hole in the wall).

Check if our mirror included in the carved window to correct, if necessary. A number of cardboard circles with windows depend on the thickness of the mirror and cardboard thickness – mirror should be slightly pritopleno (pictured below mirror turned up the rear surface).

Merge layers of cardboard.

We make the outer edges of the frame. The process I have described in detail in previous workshops (for example here ), so I do not allow myself to repeat.

In short, this frame I pasted two glued strips of soft (two-layer) corrugated board. The width of the outer strip of the sum of the widths of all the layers of cardboard 0.6 cm (height and width of the inner rim strips). The lengths of the bars are equal to a circumference of the frame with a small allowance.

Then glue the mirror. One can choose different ways. I taped it to the double-sided tape, but you can use glue. If the frame is not to be used for the mirror, and for a photo or image, it is better, of course, is to use an adhesive tape. Once the mirror is glued, paste over the inside edges of the frame, as well as external – layer cardboard strips.

Already at this stage, you can start to decorate the frame of a different color, for example, paste a strip of double-layer micro color between the two strips of brown corrugated cardboard. I did not do it in this box but then plastered bordyurchiki and external, and the internal circles of orange and green strips of corrugated cardboard (below it will be seen).

I remind you that all the internal strips for edging and decoration should be the width of 0.6 cm .

2. Decorating frame .

This preparatory work is completed. Getting started decorating the inside of the frame. It is a creative process, and you can do it to your liking. I think that those who are engaged in a classic Quilling could well draw a frame in this technique because the paper is thinner and plastic and has greater opportunities for decoration.

Well, we, corrugated lovers will not be deflected to the side and remain loyal to our favorite material – corrugated cardboard. ?

The entire surface of the circle, I divided into 8 parts. This is easily done if you cut around template out of paper and put it on the layout. The same range of paper is useful for sketching.

Design, as a rule, undergoes changes in the course of 2-3 – this is normal.

For long curls, I snapped  (green, white, Kraft), length 22 cm , but you can make them a little less. If you have a different diameter of the box, specify the size of the elements on their own, according to the situation.

Adding 3 strips together, spin, first one way, then the other end turned in another direction. it is not necessary to glue together the strips as they are moved relative to each other, so they should be free when tightening. They just need to give the desired shape to make it easier to glue on the surface of the frame. Even better glue them individually, but I realized only then when all done.

Glue the curls at the scheduled place, causing a small amount of glue on the lower sections of cardboard strips. We make sure that the colors are arranged equally.

If you are going to use beads, immediately make curls on their size.

Here in the photo still curls in the original version, I later made changes and added more slips.

Making the petals. The order of colors from the center to the edge and their length: White – 7-7.5 cm , green – 8.5 cm , orange – 9.5 cm , white – 10.5 cm in the center, I taped green oblong beads.

If you do not have beads or you do not want to use them, you can leave the middle of a blank tab. Or you can make the roll, lightly dismiss it and flatten the edges so that it fills the space inside the petals.

Next, I filled all the remaining space in small curls of different shapes of gofropolosochek natural (brown) color, but when I looked a general view, I realized that something was missing. For a long time looking for the option you want, and finally realized that the main curls at me too tight. So I  even one green strip on both sides of each curl. Curls are wider and better look.

The remaining space on a frame, I filled the curls of any form of natural corrugated cardboard. And so I turned to the mirror frame.Good luck and inspiration!

DIY: Hanging plant pots made from old rags

beautiful hanging plant pots made from old rags 1

Flowers in hanging pots – it’s always nice. Especially well planter look, decorated with macrame technique. To make such a decoration, do not need to be at needlework. If you have unwanted rags suitable color and free 30 minutes, the case is almost done.


1.knitted fabric
2. tailor meter
3. Scissors

Let’s start:

Lay the fabric on a flat surface.

We have 8 strips on three centimeters wide. The length of strips depends on how long should be potted. The girl in the photo uses inches and cut the strips at 40 centimeters in length. Stretch the strip. The result should look like this. First, tie all the strips into one big knot. Tighten properly. Now divide the beam into four pairs. Measure out about 5 cm from the main unit and fasten by nodules on each pair. Do not tighten too tight – you can do so when the pot is inside. Now, again, divide the strips into pairs and tie knots, to get here are the diamonds. Repeat over and over again, departing at 5 centimeters from the previous node. For a small pot, as in these photos, it will be enough three levels. When macrame ready, put into the pot. If you like the nodules are located, you can tighten them tighter. Now the upper edge can be tied in a knot. Make sure the pot is hanging straight. Done! The color and length can be different.Elementary and very beautiful!

Beautiful curtains made of beads and artificial flowers


Such air and colorful curtains to make very simple of beads and artificial flowers, and they look very original. So here’s what we need to work:

To begin with, the line cut off the required length (required length multiplied by two, and add another 30 cm).

In the middle of the fishing line put large beads and folded twice the line begin to string beads.

Thread the fishing line through the heart of the flower., Then re-stringing beads. We continue to alternate colors and beads until there is 15 cm of line. So do the required number of threads. For mounting use wooden batten desired length, the holes drilled in it at a distance of about 10 cm from each other. You’re ready to tie the thread to the rail and our original floral curtain is ready!

Beautiful Chandeliers and lampshades made of plastic bottles

Chandeliers and lampshades 1 1

Brilliant thought came two years ago,  when took part in an environmental project in South America, for the protection of virgin forest of the Colombian Amazon.
He saw how much waste plastic is thrown into the river, and then falls into the Pacific Ocean, and it gave rise to inspiration. From discarded plastic bottles, he began to make lamps and lampshades.

DIY Miniature casket made ​​of plastic canvas

Miniature casket made ​​of plastic canvas 1

A miniature casket made ​​of plastic canvas. Plastic canvas – a fantastic material for many kinds of handwork. It is dense, come in different colours, white, cream, Gray, black and clear. The advantage of this canvas is that she is not afraid of water, has a beautiful smooth edges that do , not wrinkled, suitable for 3D embroidery. Plastic canvas for sale size A 4 and has a different number of holes per inch: 5, 7, 10, 14. Canvas 14 holes per inch has small holes and embroidery looks at this canvas is much more elegant. Therefore, take this box of embroidery canvas. More will need: a needle, thread type floss, scissors, pencil, paper, glue, staples.

Embroidery consists of simple squares of embroidered stitches. Based on this scheme can determine the size of the box. Choose the length and width of the finished boxes, using the template as a guide. The bottom cover makes a little more bottom boxes to cover can be put on the box.

You can embroider on the whole sheet and then cut side, during embroidering knit knots, and tighten the tail for embroidery.

Example embroidered caps and side boxes.

So it seems the bottom and sides of the box.

On the front side of the box double thread sew the seam was tight.

Sheathe edge boxes and covers.

Inside the box lid and paste paper or cloth. This box can be used to store small items of jewelry.