Beautiful Rose Flower Quilling Earrings Tutorial

Every girl likes to be original, and seeks to draw attention to themselves. Bright and creative earrings in the technique of quilling – the most it. Collections Designers Spring-Summer promises to be bright and cheerful. Why do not we make jewelry with your own hands, to match the upcoming season?

Required Material:

  • pink paper strips 8mm,
  • light green strips of paper 3mm,
  • PVA glue,
  • Awl or a toothpick,
  • Shvenzy,
  • Connecting rings


To make the most rosettes Kvilling take a long strip of 29cm (A4 sheet length). Make a slight bend over at an angle of 45 degrees, so that was the tail (for it is easy to hold).
And one oblique bend, but from themselves.
We start spinning rosette, a little before reaching the end of Bend, capturing the tip of the previous bend, take the next bend, too, on my own and twists on rosettes. And so we turn constantly making bends away from you.

When the ribbon ends, we catch it with glue and fat drip a drop of glue around the tail. And thus makes 2 large (29cm length of the strip) quilling roses and 2 small (14,5sm length of the strip) rosettes. Tails, after the glue has dried, cut off.
Further twist rolls of green stripes. 4 stuff diameter and 9mm 2 pieces 7mm. We give them a form of “eye.”

Attach to the back side petals roses.

Cover with acrylic gloss varnish and assemble the composition of earrings. Voila! Earrings in the technique of quilling ready! Decorate your ears on the admiration of others and yourself to the joy!

Hope you like this tutorial.


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How to make polymer clay calla lily necklace

Make a beautiful polymer clay calla lily necklace

You will see how to build it step by step instructions for beginners.

You will need polymer clay in white and yellow garnets and to “set it” onto your flower.

First, you warm the clay with your hands so that you can start to work.
Then follow the instructions as shown in pictures.
Create many lilies with your clay.
Then bake your flowers according to package instructions.

In the same way, you can make calla/lilies of sugar paste to decorate cakes and sweets you or clay to play with children.

below you will see some ideas I found on Etsy to use the lilies/calla that you made

How to make earrings in the technique ganutell


These are bright, summer earrings, you can easily make your own hands, literally “out of nothing”. They look just super 🙂 For a fun-filled sunny mood – the most it!

Would you like to become an owner of a pair of these – then this is for you MK:
Here are the tools and materials that we need to work.

This is primarily, of course, the wire – it will be the foundation for our future earrings, also need regular needle, line, thread (preferably colored), any wire cutters (suitable even a manicure, if you still do not have a whole collection of tools) and the egg-box of Kinder surprise

Threaded needle into the egg, fasten And proceed to the winding wire needle in a spiral. egg stop working in this business

when the spiral is ready, remove it with a little stretching of spokes and – as a spring-loaded

Then the ends of the wire can bite, they no longer need us

Now get put on a spring-loaded on a piece of a wire – it is necessary to give the earrings a particular shape, such as a circle or droplets

When a form is defined – anchoring the ends of the cutting wire just slightly rewinding them together

Now you can start the creative part – winding start thread earrings – each LAGs – one turn of the spiral wire

You can wrap in different directions … And different colors that’s such a beauty, we will end up – literally 5-10 minutes of work 🙂Then they can continue to further decorate – with beads, sequins, feathers, and of course, in the end, do not forget to attach to seventy earrings. All our work of art is ready! It can start to wear 🙂

How to make Jewellery casket from a plastic bottle

casket chest of plastic bottles 1

When he was a child, on the lessons of labor made boxes of cards, and we suggest you make a box out of plastic bottles

Cut the bottle in the smoothest place (sorry showing on another bottle).

To do this, use the trunk:

1.5-liter bottle of 6 pieces

2.5 liters – 1 piece: for the convex part of the cover

to make such blanks. According circle cut the smoothest place in the bottle – there is usually a label.

Folding at the seams – they are can be seen. The back of the scissors spends on them a few times. The plates obtained by direct due to the fact that the plate is folded in half. It turns out that the halves are twisted in opposite directions, pressed against each other and the plate is rectified. Plate gets a double – and you are using it.

Punchers at equal distance of making holes, tied with crochet.

Putting all the blanks. Decorate with flowers. Flowers you can do with a master class on creating decorations from a plastic bottle.

For example, these sunflowers:

Beads also made from plastic bottles. To do this, cut into stripes of 2 mm in width and 1.2 cm in length, is heated over the fire and turn in the ring.

How to create earrings in filigree technique

Create earrings in filigree technique 1

I am personally very inspired by her work, sometimes I dare to repeat her motives, but of course up to its level I still have to grow.

Today will tell and show you how to make my jewelry.

Create ornaments from polymer clay filigree technique or, in other words, the application requires: accuracy, patience, sense of color and skill.

To create a view of earrings we need:

  • metal base for earrings – 2 pcs;
    * shvenzy – 2 pcs (I immediately took the assembled version of Basic);
    * Bake polymer clay Fimo (in my opinion, it is best here). For the base colors that ar needed: blue with sparkles (I took Fimo Effect № 302), white and olive. For flowers chosen by mixing the following colors: rich pink, pink lighter, brownish-gold, cool green, dark red, light beige to yellowish. In the photo colors will be clearer.
    * needle;
    * stationery knife;
    *  solid smooth surface to work with clay (eg, tile);
    and, of course, our pens 🙂
    * Prerequisites: the purity of the hands and the work surface.

Let’s get started. Mixed colors for the base of the blue and white clay, roughly in proportions as in the photo.

After adding olive green clay. Adding it so much that in the end turned out here that color as celadon. Take the metal framework for earrings and get the ball. Now we need to share our ball exactly in half. To do this, we perform with a scoop of the following manipulations: The resulting halves of the roll into two balls.

Now we use our fingers and palm as much as possible. Take one ball is rolled it between his palms up

domestic fundamentals size and attached to it. So with the second ball.

Take the base with clay, the clay is pressed down the middle of the palm (where there is a small depression) and was equal to our clay finger on the edges of the frame (if necessary, crushing and rubbing a finger).It is important to make sure that the clay is even across the surface of the setting.
It is important to make sure that the clay is even across the surface of the setting.

We perform all also from the second base.

At a forum on needlework, I read that some people think that is the flat and smooth surface of the clay is obtained only by pre-baking or sanding. In my experience, if you do the things as mentioned above, the pre-baking or sanding is required. Of course, the presence of the setting of the base simplifies the smoothing process.

So we’ve got here are the “canvas” for creativity.

I have prepared in advance such sausages we need colors. Take the needle green, in an amount such that it was possible to roll a thin sausage for the longest branches of our “flowers of the tree.” Carefully take the sausage with a needle and using it and are putting our finger on the base of the twig. Use your fingernail to gently press down sausage along its entire length. In this way, we lay out all the “tree”, looking at the photos.

Repeat the process with the second substrate.

As a result, you should get something like this.

Flowers I put upwards. Bottom increasingly large flowers are placed on top – small. The first flower is red. Take the needle red clay. A small piece of clay slips into the palm of your finger. It is important that the clay was not homogeneous and crumbled! It should look like this. Take the needle and gently put on top of a “tree”, drawing from the middle to the end of the petals groove, thus pinning it to the base. Further, as we put each petal circle. At the end of the flower gently press down with your finger. We continue to put the flowers from the bottom up. Lower pink flowers we put a dark tint, top pink flower – light. Serdtsevinki flowers do with a small ball of clay and press down gently with your fingernail. All the flowers in place. The painting looks unfinished. Apply extra petals tinged color light corresponding to each. Prior to the full completion of the picture we put the leaves where they are appropriate, and we put the finishing touches in the form of small dots. The picture is ready! We perform just as well and the second earring.

Differences in earrings will always be because we are not robots 🙂 But they look harmonious.

There has come step baking clay. We put earrings on a glass surface (or foil) and place in the oven, preheated to 110 degrees for 15 minutes. It is important to set a timer or put the alarm clock.

Take out of the oven earrings and give them cool completely. You can put them in cold water for rapid cooling.

Now separate the frozen clay on a metal surface. Sometimes it moves, sometimes to hook your fingernail or a needle, main is done carefully and in an inconspicuous place (eg at the bottom of earrings).

Glue clay to a metal substrate using superglue or gel-adhesive polymer clay. It is important to apply the adhesive in a moderate quantity, so that when you press the glue leaked out.

After applying the adhesive on the metal base are putting on top of the clay and pressed gently with your finger. Give time to grab – for about three minutes. It is important to make the clay just right, as the reaction proceeds rapidly.

And earrings are ready!

Hopefully, the lesson was useful to you 🙂

Thank you for attention!

Best regards

How to make beautiful astry flower jewellery

astry flower jewellery 1

Required Material:
– plastic yellow and light purple (in my case it Cernit)
– rubber gloves (so our work will be neat and clean as if you do not wash their hands still remain micro dust particles to plastic )
– pasta machine (noodle cutting)
– manicure scissors
– pliers
– the blade or knife stationery (very spicy)
– sponge (or foam)
– toothpicks 3 pcs.
– Super glue
– shvenzy 2 pcs.
– Shtivty 2 pcs.
– The basis for the ring
– oven (not microwave!)

Before we get started it is necessary to take care of the cleanliness of your workplace and be sure to work in rubber gloves.Uncomfortable, but the beauty demands victims.
From yellow plastic, we need to generate the middle of a first rolling ball.

then do the similarity drops

and a toothpick gently makes deep holes 1.5mm – 2mm.

Well, middle, and ready!

Now thoroughly mash our plastic light lilac color and laminating it on the pasta machine on №7.

This thickness is enough to flower seemed delicate, fragile and yet it was easy to cut strips on the “fringe.”
We had a “pancake”, which should be cut into horizontal strips width of approximately 2 cm (2.5, you can see), and how long will (I have about 10 cm strips +/- centimeter).

Now, on these strips gently, slowly, small scissors cut into the fringe. The thinner strips of fringe, the more beautiful will aster.

Fringe is ready and we form a flower. Gently seeding are wrapped many times on how you see fit. On this will depend on how much will be your fluffy aster. Each layer is slightly above the previous wrap.

It’s not hard, I think you get if desired.

It is necessary to make three asters, one of them bigger because we will do it ring. Our asters are almost ready, so they do not get crushed, we nanism them on a toothpick and insert into the sponge.

The next step, we send our sponge with flowers in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. This is to make it easier with the plastic work.
Our asters cooled down, and we can now insert shtivty in future earrings. At this stage, the pliers will help us. For reliability shtivty grease super glue, so they will definitely be hard to hold on.

Then a sharp blade, trim the excess. If the blade is not sharp enough, you can strain the product when cutting. Slice smeared all remove irregularities.

Take a basis for the ring grease super glue and glue the flower aster (the one that is a little more). We give him a good dry.

Now roll out a small piece of plastic on a light purple color pasta machine at №8.
Cut a small strip width should be about 1.5 cm length of 3 cm. And applying this piece and gently combine with the flower, cut off the excess on the back side of the base to the ring (on the inside).

The end result is we should get like this.

Asters are ready to go in the oven.
After correcting any nuances or it will be impossible.
Check if everything is in order and only after convinced send flowers in oven
Bake for our plastic guide that is written on the packaging. In my case, it is 30 minutes at a temperature of 110 C.
Take out of the oven, give cool.
On earrings don shvenzy. Everything is ready, we have consulted. Not so difficult as it seems.

But such a wonderful set can be done only in red!

I wish you all success! With respect to you.

How to make ring sphere “Paris” of the epoxy resin – Step by Step

20 15 860x483

we need:
Epoxy resin (Resin Crystal) Silicone Mold, the basis for the ring, the metal figure of the Eiffel Tower, pliers, wire cutters, glue, epoxy, matches, jewelry wire, sequins or microbeads, breadboard knife, a plastic cup and a wooden stick.
Epoxy mix in the proportions 2: 1, 1 ml and 2 ml hardener resin

mix thoroughly

We pour resin into a special silicone Mold covering approximately 1/3 of the total Mold resin and give leave all  if it does not, you can put the MDL with the resin in a container of hot water

take further action figure of the Eiffel Tower and bite off the ear with pliers, wire cutters, if it did not work very smoothly, you can trim the metal nail file

then take the match and cut off their head sulfuric Prototyping knife, so as to obtain three flat, small cubes

then do the design for securing the tower of matches and wire

anchoring wire

and immersed into the resin, so that legs of the tower structure and it does not come into contact

leave to dry for 24 hours

after this time, we take out the design and our tower remains fixed in the resin

Now to refill the resin, so that it almost covered the legs, this point is very important, because if you pour the resin, your tower will remain hanging in the air, and if you do not top up, then you will not see her legs, you need to be very careful at this stage, because Mold matted and filled up turret trio predict the result of the feet.

after you have filled in the resin again, we leave it to dry for 24 hours, and do not forget to cover the MDL cap to the resin did not get small lint and dust

After 24 Sasa pour in MDL sequins, artificial snow or microbeads, so you can pour white baked plastic rubbed on the Needle or fine saw, but the process is quite time-consuming, this advice find artificial snow if you are not a fan of sequins, I used pearl white tinsel

Now fill it with epoxy resin to the top and leave to dry for 24 hours

As time passes, we take out our balls mold. what we’ve got

then take the epoxy adhesive and glue bead to the base, the base can be any brand, it depends on your imagination, in this case, I used 2 silver and bases of round oval. you do not have an epoxy adhesive can be stuck on the same pitch, just a little wait until it thickens to not let stains

leave to dry for 24 hours.
Our ring ready

I hope the workshop seemed to you accessible and interesting and useful to you in the future