How to make Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol at Home

Ganesha is a much-loved God and making him out of clay is such fun! Here’s an easy, step-by-step tutorial for an eco-friendly Ganesh idol that you can make at home!

Indians celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with great fervor and delight. Most of them bring Ganpati to their home. The Ganpati decoration at home begins well in advance. Traditionally made idols pose a threat to the environment. They cause lots of pollution and contaminate our water bodies. This year use eco-friendly materials to make Ganpati idol and non-toxic colors for decorating it.

Step by step instructions for making a Eco-friendly clay Ganesha at home

Hope you enjoyed this step by step making of Ganesh idol at home. Do try making one for yourself. But, remember to use Eco-friendly, non-toxic clay.

Watch Videos to Learn and Make Quilling Ganesh Idol at Home

Hope you like these Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol step by step tutorials.

Image Source: Homemakeover

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How to make beautiful wall clock

Procedure of an beautiful wall clock Take the desired clock base Prepare marble powder mixture Apply the mixture and give texture After it dries smoother the surface by a sand paper Make design with paper mache

Apply primer on clay Add base colour Do the details by outliner Apply varnish Paste the clock on the board

Courtesy: Kohsa: The Art Lab

How to make beautiful rose flower

First, little ready roses

because I mold slowly doing to 6 petals

Do the same thing a few times

I am trying to do the ass

now, I already like it

pasta machine I did not take

land on a stand for Easter eggs

sepals before assembling twigs

All the work is done, it remains only to collect

That rosette ready. The height of 40 cm.

I would be very glad if someone will come in handy.
courtesy: stranamasterov

Mug “Cat” – Polymer Clay Cat Coffee Mug (Tutorial)

Beautiful “Cat” Coffee Mug from polymer clay.

Required Material:

  • Mug
  • plastic
  • nail polish remover
  • Scissors
  • kantselyarsky knife
  • igolka

Note: Everything else is not necessary.

Wipe mug any of the liquids, for degreasing the surface.
From a piece of black plastic made round cake, and shall cleave it into a mug.

Prilep ears.

Add to ushkam pink triangles.

Of white plastic make two identical circles, and shall cleave in the photo.

Of pink plastic make a semi-circle and be united as in the photo – it’s nose seal. Of white plastic strips do and be joined as in the photo.

From white plastics do lip seal and edging on the ears. Of green plastics make oval cakes and shall cleave in the eye area.

The sequence of modeling the eyes:
– green ovals
– oval black
-blue ovals
-white circles

Take the needle and draw the hair, do needle point mustache.

From white plastics do thin flagella. Prilep mustache in the photo.

Of black plastic seal body Prilep.

Of white plastic make a semi-circle, and shall cleave in the cat stomach. Make six similar circles of white and white to stick foot. By three circles on each foot.

Needle paint coat.

Of yellow plastic make sausage. Cut nine identical segments – a fence, and a long bar. Prilep on the mug as in the photo.

Thin flagella of white and black plastic seal shorstku add that shines between the picket fence.

Take the needle and draw a pattern on wood fences and holes from the nails. Of green plastics make stem and leaves of a flower.

Make green thin flagella, Nalepa randomly grass behind the fence. Give the texture of needle blades of grass. Of orange plastic make the middle of a daisy.

Of white plastic made thin flagellum and Nalepa daisy petals.

Work through a needle chamomile flower.

To Kitten was not sad one, add a moth. I chose shades of blue. You can make a pink butterfly.

For Valentine’s day – red heart would be more appropriate.

Or make a butterfly shape.

Now in the oven – 130 degrees for 10 minutes. After baking carefully mark application border, gently peel off the appliqué. Wipe the marked part of the inside of the cup and degreasing applications. Smear mug and applique with an epoxy adhesive, and join the circle of the appliqué. Appliqué coat matt lacquer for polymer clay.

Use such an adhesive because it can withstand high temperatures., Can be poured hot water.

The photo glossy varnish, but need a mat.

I think that from a cold porcelain is also possible to make such application.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: stranamasterov

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How to make raspberries from polymer clay

Today I’ll show you how to make plastics from raspberries. By the same principle, and I do Ezhevichka, only, of course, I use a different color and larger Circuits. 🙂 I must say, the average complexity of the set just because you need lots of patience, and it’s not too difficult. 🙂 Well, let’s start.

We need plastic suitable color (I Fimo soft cherry), floss, pins … Yes, in general, and all. ))) Lives I have already been made in advance.

Here is our plastic –

Now it’s tedious – to roll down small-small balls of mashed plastics sooooo much (one Malinka takes an average of 30 – 35 stuff). Now the work easier – a few balls larger. 🙂 Of the five small balls make the foundation of our raspberries. In it we place the ball bigger – it’s middle, to which we attach all the other small balls. And gradually begin obleplivat future Malinka, row by row. I do it with a toothpick. Well, here she is ready. 🙂 And it all. 🙂 Now you need to attach the leaves to Malkin ass. And inserts the pin, so you could hang a berry on a bracelet or earrings. ))) Well, that’s the entire crop

Now you need to bake raspberries (baking time and temperature on the packaging plastics), paste the pins, cover the varnish and dried berries.

And you can collect decorations. 🙂

How to make beautiful clay rose of all colors

Required Materials:
Polymer Clay,

petals Production

Formation midst rose

he next row
paint red enamel, following series – juicy yellow.

Light yellow petals arranged in the following order:

Prepare the petals of the following colors:

light green petals make up the next row, followed by the position the blue petals, then purple and light purple.
Here it is beautiful – happy joyful Rose):

Other unusually beautiful roses : _sweets . made in the same manner?

And each petal roses uet poured several colors:

For comparison, – each of these is made of a polymer onto a clay color: