DIY: Chocolate Gerbera Flower Bouquet

Chocolate Gerbera Flower Bouquet 1

Flowers and chocolates are two common choices for gifts. Then why not combine these two awesome things and make something even more awesome? Here is a nice DIY project to make a crepe paper chocolate gerbera flower bouquet. Isn’t that gorgeous? It’s very easy to make and all you need to do is just cutting the petals and wrapping the chocolates. You can make it as a table centerpiece for a wedding, or as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Teacher’s day or any other occasions. It makes nice home decor too!

Here are the supplies you may need:

  • Crepe paper: pink, light pink or your desired colors
  • Chocolates or candies
  • Cellophane
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wooden skewers
  • Tape


1. Place the chocolate on a piece of cellophane.

2. Wrap the chocolates with cellophane. 3. Cut a piece of rectangular crepe paper (size depends on the size of the chocolate). 4. Wrap the chocolate in the crepe paper piece. 5. Tie one end with thread. 6. Cut the outer layer into fringes as the petals. 7. Twist the fringes outward. 8. Cut the inner layer of crepe paper into fringes and twist them out. 9. Press the petals with your fingers to make them curly. 10. Insert the wooden skewers through the middle of the flowers. 11. Make more flowers with different colors of crepe paper. 12. Place the bouquet of flowers in a basket. Enjoy!

How to make chocolate lace – Step by sytep

chocolate lace 1

Pastry bag
The thin nozzle
How to make chocolate lace

On parchment paper draw a pattern lace future.
Melt the chocolate in a water bath or in a microwave oven.
We fill with chocolate piping bag and draw out all the lines.
Work just jewelry, but the result is worth it.
Carefully wrap the parchment dessert (chocolate figures should touch with dessert).
Put in the fridge.
Once the chocolate hardens completely, carefully remove the parchment.

How to make colored Easter idea- chocolate eggs

bright colored Easter ideya chocolate eggs 1

What we need. Confectionery tinted white chocolate, but if you do not take a look at the usual white tile and add a drop of food coloring in different colors. Chocolate must be melted in a water bath and let it harden very little that was not too liquid.

Inflate balloons small size

from a pastry bag with a narrow nozzle or simply cut package to squeeze a little corner, messy tangling, strips.

Allow to solidify, hanging on to a glass tube.

cutting off a piece remove a ball

if you want to fill with bright sweet candy jelly beans


Beautiful Chocolate poufs bag

Chocolate poufs bag 1

Delicious chocolate case for phone I turned, make it easy and simple. Remember poufs “Flower”? That they are, but on the other side. This scheme shrinks exactly two times. Based on this, we measure their phone, multiply by two measurements and the devil on the fabric rectangle.

1×1 grid

  contractible square   contract all little corners in the pile. fix string knot  contractible next square  continue until the end  And then came the moment of truth! Overturn and see … chocolate. Flowers are made ​​of the same material and glue. How to make flowers, read  Then sew the bottom and the side seam. The upper edge turns. sew and handle top  Evert on the front side and enjoy the new holster!