5 minutes hairstyle (Tutorial)

5 minutes and beauty 1

We would like to share with you how to do this hairstyle! Taking the hair in a ponytail and fix the rubber band On both sides take away uniform hair strands We connect them and fix the rubber band Gently pull strands Taking the following strands on both sides Putting them together and fix the rubber band Gently pull strands Do this as many times as allowed by the length of hair And here we get a result!

Beautiful Elegant beaded pin bracelets

Elegant beaded pin bracelets featured

Jewelry has attracted women of all ages since the ancient times. Few girls in the world can pass by a jewelry store without looking at the sparkling showcase of bracelets, pendants, or earrings. And even if they can’t afford anything, they at least want to try on one of those beautiful things. However, if you use a little effort and patience, you’ll be able to create a worthy alternative to store-bought jewelry.

Required material for Beaded pin bracelets:

  • safety pins
  • beads with a large hole
  • hat elastic

Take a look, what beauty is derived from such a simple material.