Easy and Multicolored Diwali Special Rangoli Design – Step By Step

Easy and Multicolored Diwali Special Rangoli Design – Step By Step Tutorial

How to make garland of plastic bottles

This interesting and beautiful decoration for the holiday can be built from conventional Christmas lights and plastic bottles.

Required Material:

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Christmas garland
  • Scissors or knife
  • Stained glass paints or paint in cans.

Cut off the top of the bottle, the size depends on the desired size of the next flower. Make incisions from the bottle neck, their number depends on the number of petals. We round off the ends, giving them the shape of the petals. Paint colors for the desired color, you can experiment and make a two-tone or monochromatic colors.

While our flowers are dried, do cross-shaped cuts in the lid with a knife or scissors. Fix the cover on a garland. Screwed dried flowers to garland attached to the cover.

How to make an oil lamp – Step By Step

For the manufacture of miniature oil lamps, Required Material:
copper wire
thick woolen thread
tin tube

The thread will serve as a wick. The thicker it – the better. Any thread quite easily absorb any liquid, and the laws of physics raise the fluid to the thread up – and use it. First you need to make a foundation for yarn – a column on which it is wound. To do this, take a match and wrapped it tight ring of wire.

 Gradually, winding spiral wire on the match, we get a basis for the future of the wick.

 When we wrapped the whole most of the match, we remove it from the spiral. Leave the bottom of the tail – it is necessary for stability. Copper wire is best suited for such manual work – it is easy to bend, and quite beautiful.

 Now you need to wind the thread on the spiral.

 Bottom-up pulls the thread tight spiral, threading it between the little spiral rings. On top of the small end of the thread reserve, fluffed his fibers. If this structure to put the oil container at the bottom, the oil impregnated yarn end to rise up. That’s for this and need a tin tube. Put a little oil in it and put inside the wick.

Needless oil does not burn, but the wick, soaked them burn very well. Of course, it does not fit any oil – you need to buy in the store that is designed for aromatic lamps and candles. It remains only to burn!

 It is not necessary to use a cork – will suit any metal container into which you can pour a spoonful of butter and put the wick, which we did.