DIY Colorful Skeleton Leaves Step By Step

Colorful Skeleton Leaves Step By Step

Types of work:   Do It Yourself / DIY
Decorating> Decorating
Difficulty:   above average
Hours:   1 day
Skeletalized leaves are widely used in scrapbooking and kardmeykinge, decorating gifts and bouquets …

A separate (large) Skeletalized instances and does flaunt framed, highlighting the beauty and elegance of the interior.

How to create a miracle with their own hands?

It’s very simple
Required Material:

  • Soda (the one used for washing)
  • Water
  • Toothbrush
  • Saucepan

– And leaves themselves (Try to choose Kripen’ka rovnenkie and, if you are building them in the summer and autumn. A spring collect whole leaves, it does not matter that ugly. Nature helped us a bit, and such leaves will be easier to handle).

The procedure is as follows:

  • Prepare a saturated solution of sodium bicarbonate.
  • Then immerse our leaves into the prepared solution and boil 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. To accelerate this operation, I use a pressure cooker (cooking time is reduced to 20-40 minutes).
  • Wash the leaves, fill with plain water and cook for another 20-30 minutes in a pressure cooker or 40-60 minutes in a conventional pan (I want to note that cooking time may vary. It depends on the hardness of leaves. After cooking you should turn brownish-black leaves).

Obtain from one leaf saucepan and gently scraping the flesh toothbrush. If the flesh can not be, this leaf boil for some time, and until it is cooked, get another leaf

If, during operation, you tore a little leaf, do not throw it, finish cleaning until the end, rinse and lay on the table so that the gap was not visible. After drying, you will not see a flaw.

So, well washed leaf and get here such skeletons. It can be ironed or put in the book.

So act and followed by leaves.

When they are dry, they can be dyed. (I use spray paint)

Leaves can whiten with chlorinated funds.  Be very careful!

By the way, do not pour the liquid remaining on the leaves (the one in which the cooked leaves  without  soda) If you do it a little bit evaporate receive excellent ink – Sepia. I do not know how much they are persistent and will be suitable for calligraphy, but for aging paper ideal

Thus, the leaves dry. Getting painting.

I use spray paint with chrome effect. In my arsenal gold, silver and holographic.

With silver and gold colors After drying, I got here such leaves
Silver Gold Part I painted the leaves in two colors (medium leaf)

And one more piece to paint over fragmentary.

In works such leaves look very interesting

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