DIY Easy Pompom Matriochka Doll

Today, we put Russia in the spotlight on the blog! And I propose to you to realize with me these pompous in the form of Russian dolls.
As you already know, I like to explore new avenues, new materials, new know-how.
My vogue this time is in the making of pompons in wool.
As you may have noticed, many American blogs propose to make pretty creations pumped: animals, flowers, letters, many themes are exploited there.
I looked closely at this technique to reproduce patterns using colored wool.
And to change everything you could see on Pinterest or elsewhere, here is my own tutorial in wool, matriochka way.

Required Material:
– pompom tools, which I found in haberdashery, but which you can also realize yourself. A circle of 6cm diameter and another of 4cm diameter
– red aluminum wire for the mouths of the dolls
– amigurumi eyes, available on the internet. I used here balls of black paste, but you can also take small round buttons instead.
– wool of different colors. I took 100% acrylic, the cheapest in haberdashery.
– to assemble all, a glue gun like here the Glue Pen of Bosch (which kindly was offered to me by the brand to test)

We will start with the head of the Russian doll:
Begin by taking flesh-colored wool, and your tassel device 4cm diameter (the smallest).
Counts the number of laps (the next picture details): 30 turns in the center color flesh for the face, then 10 turns next to the brown hair.

Continue with the matriochka headdress, wrapping the thread 100 times so as to completely cover the brown and brown wool.

Then make the other half of the tassel by fully wrapping the red wool 140 times.

Assemble the two parts, assemble the clasps of the tassel, and cut all around with scissors.
At the end, insert a thread in the middle and not the tassel.
The head of the doll is almost ready.

We continue with the body of the matriochka. To do this, it is now necessary to take the tapered template of the other dimension (6cm).

Begins by the stomach of the doll. Wraps 20 times a red wool in the middle. Then 10 times the green wire over.

Cover the whole with 30 turns of white wool.
Then restart with 70 turns of red wool on the right, 60 of blue wool in the center and 40 of black wool on the left (as in the following picture)

For the other half sphere (which corresponds to the back of the doll), follow the instructions of the picture: 70 turns of red right, 120 of blue in the middle and 40 of black on the right side.
Assemble the top and bottom, cut your wool in the middle and tie a thread all around to hold the tassel.

Come gather the head and the body.
Equalize with scissors.

Then glue your eyes and mouth with the Glue Pen.
And here is your Russian doll ready to face the cold with her girlfriends!

Your pompoms can be used as pretty cuddly toys, but also decorate the ends of a scarf, a hair elastic, or be knotted as a key ring.’

courtesy: madame-citron

DIY: Beautiful pillows from rustic style

Pillows in rustic style (how to use the remnants of yarn)

We need to work:

  • colored wool blend and blended knitting yarn (residues);
  • wood frame;
  • scissors;
  • fork;
  • shuttle;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • paper tape.

First, you need to stick to the frame on opposite sides of paper tape and make it through the markup 1 cm.

Pull the strongest thread in the frame on the layout, winding around the circle (the warp must be stretched almost like a string with uniform tension of each turn).

Wind the thread a little bit on the homemade hook and propletite first row, picking up the lower thread forward, lift with a long front line of threads, and then return to work colored thread back.

Alternating rows of multi-colored threads,  to the desired height, each row for inciting fork density and accuracy of weaving.

When you reach the desired height, cut off the top and bottom warp yarns and each pair of a link between a node without tightening towards web. From the lower part of the fabric tailor, connect it to the lower part and sew, leaving a small opening. Turn to the right side, put a pillow filler hole sew blind stitches. Garnish with tassels made of the same threads as the tapestry.

Author: Athena

The well from yarn (twine)/rope/string

well from yarn and cocktail tubules 1

This article is an excellent example of how ordinary things can create wonderful masterpieces that decorate the interior of any home. This article describes how to create crafts from the thread with your hands:

This design is fully operational and has the ability to raise verse and turn the wheel.

To create a need:
– Twine
– Trim the ceiling tile or board
– Hot glue
– Cocktail tubes
– Coffee beans

Made from durable cardboard cut strip, which should be at least 6 cm and a length of a standard A4 sheet. Twist the band in the form of a ring, and secure the ends by means of staples. Next, cut the tube to size, which corresponds to the height of your ring and wraps them with string. On average, you should have the ducts 36-38 which will be enough for the next job. The tubes are glued to the outside of the ring. Using material tiles or cardboard to create the following items: a circle (11 cm – 2 pcs.), Circle a little bit smaller (1 pc.), A rectangle (6×12 cm – pcs.), A peg which has a 10 cm wide and a hole in the middle (2 pcs ).. All items are fully wrapped with twine. Creates decor grains Fastened to the bottom of the ring. For this purpose, a circle which is smaller in diameter. Circles that previously wound string glued to the bottom and the top of the cone. To hide all the flaws created using twine and braid glued joints in place. Take a tube, which should have a length of 15 cm and the beginning of her wrap twine. Create a form from the tube and wheel is wrapped with twine. On the basis of the earlier articles are attached pegs made with a hole in the middle. The pegs squander tube and fully Wrap it with twine. When do decor of stones for the wheel and stick it in the right place. Then proceed to the production of buckets. The handle is created from the conventional wire which is wrapped with twine, and bucket of cardboard. Bucket attached to the well, and tested for functionality. On the construction of the roof is fixed and held Decoration.

DIY: Yarn sparrows and bullfinches

sparrows and bullfinches yarn. 1

Such material size of 9cm to 12cm. Wound yarn to the back on the long side, for breast and wings for short. I mixed for the wings gray with brown.  grabs only the wings. Fold back and breast Tie a thread color. Knotted breast. Crumples the paper. Hugging her wings. From above impose the breast with the back. If you need the thread I correct . I did not frequent. Make and trim the thread. Knotted wings. Making wire legs. Obmatyvaem. teip feeds you can thread. Make holes with a sharp object and paste it  nose and eyes of the seeds beads. Bending fingers can sit on a branch. Bullfinch did the same. But titmouse:
In addition to the back, wings, and breasts we still have a small white lump for .Ego I just reeled on two fingers and cut. Apply on the breast and secure. Impose on the back. Raise the white thread with blue and tying. White cut the thread shorter. Well, after all as a sparrow in the previous microns. And you get is such a bird.

DIY: Glowing garland with balls of yarn

Glowing garland with balls of yarn 1

On the eve of the New Year, I would like to tell you how I make a garland with balls of yarn.

We do this usually with his son. He most likes to burst balloons after they glue dries.

Here is a garland presented to me in the new year my sister.

Materials we need:

– PVA glue, better than plain. I use this:

Garland. I buy them in Ikeja. The Chinese are not suitable as light bulbs on them very much, and a small distance between them. Well and reliability again. This garland on batteries. She has a huge advantage: you do not get attached to the outlet. It can be hung wherever you want; – balloons. The smallest that can buy. I buy them just a big package, it is cheaper. More to come  but pharmacies they have gone missing;

Thread should be cotton, or not impregnated with glue, and the design does not turn solid.

The thickness you choose to your liking. Remember you need only one thing: the thinner the yarn, the denser should be winding. With a thicker thread than Iris ball can be more filigree.

Everything has its little secrets. And for them, I’ll tell you.

Inflate balloons. We try to make them round.

In the future, when winding thread can be slightly adjusted form.

If you want to relieve yourself a little further their effort to extract from the finished balls burst balloons before they can be wound a little grease or vegetable oil or fat cream. But there is a BUT. Is wound in such a case, the thread will be more difficult, since they will slide over the ball. In general, with such a small amount of oil to put optional, but if you want to make a big ball, then this procedure, you can not avoid, because otherwise, it will necessarily when you pop the balloon.

We perform in a plastic container two holes thick needle.

There is also a nuance. The needle must not be much thicker filament. If the hole will be a very large, then the thread is too wet, the glue will flow down your arms. If the hole is too small, then the thread will be almost dry and the ball does not get strong.

Fill the glue in the container and begin to wind thread the beads. The winding should be dense, but too drag is not necessary because the ball will turn rough. Once dry the balls ready for several hours. The bigger, the better. Threads should not be just dry, but firm. If much can not wait, you can dry the hair dryer.

Then comes the long-awaited and most favorite moment! Bursting balls !!!

That’s what we’ve got: After that, everything is very simple. We put in the small gaps between the thread bulb garlands. For reliability can be secured with hot glue. Install the batteries and come up with your child a place for garlands!

Because of thread and glue, you can do a lot of interesting things. Shades and just beautiful things


Beautiful Crochet Yarn Flower

This Crochet Yarn Flower is easy to make and pretty for Spring. Dandelion is beautiful, strong and resilient, and now crochet one for your home for spring decoration, look fresh, right? This dandelion flower itself is easy to make, and you can use classic pom pom techniques to create, but I prefer this way below by cutting into two. And there is a way to make if you don’t have U crochet hook by using fork and green pipe cleans instead.

Required Materials:

  • Yarn (Green and Yellow)
  • Crochet hooks
  • Wire
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue
  • Scissors


To make a dandelion first you have to wrap yellow yarn around a U shape crochet hook. After that pass yarn from the middle along its width, apply glue and and roll it.

Wrap yarn around the center of the yarn roll and cut it in two pieces to get two pom poms.

Wrap this patch around the dandelion top and tie it. Tie the lower part tightly and cut the edge. Dip in white glue to seal.

Then cut pieces of green yarn in equal length and thread a green thread through each piece of yarn with needle. Again repeat the same step with some gap.

Cover a stick of plastic with green yarn by applying glue and hot glue the dandelion to it. Make more and complete a bunch.

Hope you like this Crochet yarn Flower tutorial.

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